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So cutting straight to the chase and not wasting any of your time is why I developed this website, to begin with. When it comes to the fastest WordPress website hosting around right now then there is no other place to turn than WP Engines.

Getting your website to load fast if you have a large site or even use high definition image then web page speed is greatly reduced with most web hosting services.

However, WP Engines has solved that issue for us with the faster hosting around being (AKA) host engine. 

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My Experience 

I tried to use many different themes for my website before and when I changed to the Divi theme then I was able to have a much better-looking website however my web page loading time was suffering. After doing research through Google Web Developer, I realized that I had java script issues, CSS issues, and I needed to optimize my images.

The results from the first test of my website were shocking, a 10% approval for mobile and 40 % approval for desktop with a 7 second load time. This was terrible and trust me, will only hurt your rankings within Google so I did as much searching as I could and the things I found to do was exactly what the Google Web Developer told me.

I then decided to try one quick change before I edited anything on my website and that was my website hosting. I asked one of my close friends about what he suggests and that was to get my web hosting through WP Engines.

Well, I looked at the price and it was around $29  month. However, they offered a 2-month free trial through a special link so I thought to myself…Why Not? I tried the new website hosting for 2 months and much to my surprise, my web page loading speed was great.

Here is a link to my post showing how to use the Google Web Developer tool for site speed

I did one more test with the Google Web Developer tool and the results were much better.

  • Old Mobile approval was 10% and is now 68%
  • Old Desktop approval was 40% and now is 85%


I did still need to optimize my images and change the CSS code a little to get the mobile and desktop approval to in the 90% range but just changing my website hosting to WP Engines really did the trick. I have now become a registered affiliate with them and can offer you the same discount. If you are interested in trying to get better website hosting to obtain faster web page loading speeds and better page rankings then just click this link….WP Engines.

Get 2 months free hosting with WP Engine on any shared annual plan

Please let me know if you found this helpful, I would love to hear your opinion so that I can make things better as time goes forth.

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