WordPress Website Backup Plugins and Why They Are Important

When it comes to WordPress backup plugins and how to use them, there are so many choices that you have but it is important to understand a few key elements that will make your work more reliable and easy to do. For most people that use WordPress Backup plugins, it seems easy and not much to worry about and sometimes lack understanding of how important this task is, I mean this is the one single way that protects all of your hard work in case of something making your website crash or have a coding issue.

The key elements to understand are

  • What is the best WordPress Website Plugin to Use
  • What is the simplest to plugin to use for restoring your WordPress Site
  • What are critical times that you should backup you WordPress Website
  • Just a plugin or do you use other elements for a complete backup
  • Should you clean up your cache before a backup is done
  • Should you clean up any drafts or leftover elements

When making a backup for your WordPress website you should consider and understand all of these elements above to make sure that you are protected with the knowledge that you have done everything as it should be done. Even take the backup ad restore it on a test site if you are able to do so, I do this process and have verified that what I am about to tell you is true to form.

Here is a video that I made to help you understand how simple this process can be if you do this properly and as I said, this is my go-to process.

I hope this video helped you understand what is the best WordPress plugin to use and why. Also showing what is the best WordPress plugin to use for cleaning up your website and why. This process is a standard for me but not to be written in stone as things do change from time to time, however, it has been my go-to process for some time now and works great.

Thank you for your time and as always if you have any questions or run into anything you need help with then just send me an email on my contact page or just leave me a comment. The quickest way is to use my contact page as I will get the information the quickest. Or another option would be to email me directly at shane@cheapstartupbusiness.com.