WordPress Log – Design and Layout

When it come to a WordPress website design, you only have that first impression to get someone’s attention which can be referred to as a WordPress Log if you are keeping track of which layout works for you. There are two major types of WordPress website designs, a blog roll and then a static page. For every niche or business that you have, there is a purpose for both.

Using your WordPress Log is basically a log that you keep to monitor if you have a better response using a blogroll or a static page. I have used both in the past and have received great success with both of them. As stated, it really just depends on the niche or topic that you are in. What I would like to do without wasting too much of your time is show a short video in regards to this practice to give a better understanding.

I know video leads into some questions and rightfully so, I will be showing more and more as we go forth the give a 100% understanding of is a good solid platform for you when starting an online business. Again, using a WordPress Log is very helpful as having logs in everything that you do.

The Importance of using different layouts 

When using a blogroll it is very helpful to have good titles to your posts and also highlight the key topics that you are trying to get across. As I said, I use a blogroll on one of my sites and it works great but the layout of the blogroll is very easy to read and follow. When using a static page instead of a blogroll then it is important to have a good first impression on your site’s intro. Like having a relative topic and image to be used on the page that the reader can easily understand if this is a value added site or just another waste of time.

Ask yourself when you are creating it, either way, you decide to do so. Is this something that I would normally look at or peak my interest? If the answer is no then most likely the answer is no for others as well. 

As I said earlier, as the modules or lessons that I have here, go further to help give you more you will understand and show why things are done the way that they are done. I look forward to seeing you in the next session and as always, please let me know what you would like to see so that I can concentrate on that topic.

I look forward to hearing from you.