Domain Authority, Page Authority, Inbound Links and Backlinks

It refers to a measure of the power of your domain name on search engine rankings such as Google, Bing, Duckduckgo and much more. There are three factors that affect domain authority, namely: Age, size, and popularity. Of course, the aim of search engines is to provide users with web results that are genuine, reliable and trustworthy. There are new websites every day, and every person is working out to ensure that his/her website ranks well on Google. Most of the websites don’t last long due to various reasons. Domain age is one of the factors that prove to the search engine of the longevity and trustworthiness of the website.


If you have maintained the website registration consistently, it must have generated an increase in traffic. For your website to achieve a good ranking, it must serve the purpose and meet audiences’ convenience and expectation. The popularity of the domain can be measured in part by the number of inbound links from credible and quality sites. Inbound links are indications that the website has the right and highly useful info that’s worth sharing. You can build inbound links by tactics such as press release distribution, blogging and commenting, profile submissions and directories, social media help, and internet marketing.

Domain authority versus page authority

We have seen that domain authority measures the power of your domain name on a search engine while page authority measures the strength of the individual page.

How do you influence your domain authority?

It is hard to influence domain authority. Domain authority is made up of an aggregate of other metrics such as MozTrust, MozRank, link profile and much more. Each of these has an effect on authority score. The best and most effective ways of influencing domain authority are y improving your overall SEO ranking; this means that you must focus on your link profile if you want to influence your domain authority.

What is page authority?

This is a score that has been developed by Moz that envision how well a specific page ranks on search engine results. Page Authority scores from 1-100. Higher scores mean that your page has great chances of ranking.

How is it scored?

Many people would like to know how page authority can be scored. Page authority is scored on a one hundred point logarithmic scale. This means that it is easier to grow scores from twenty to thirty than it is to grow from 70-80.

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Are Inbound Links and Backlinks for Traffic?

Inbound links are links that are added to other websites which point back to your site, sending traffic to it. Inbound links features in the list of most important parts of a successful SEO. These are links that direct Internet users to your specific site. These links are different from reciprocal links that occur when a person/user links to your site. When a website links to another website, it is a called a link. Backlinks are links directed to your website.

What are Backlinks Exactly?

Basically, a backlink is a link from another site to your website or blog. Some people refer to these as inbound links and how many inbound links you have indicates the popularly of the site. In layman’s terms, think of these links as votes by search engines.

Two different kinds of links are considered backlinks. You have the one-way inbound link and the reciprocal inbound link. Quality matters and that is why the one-way links are usually considered quality and have the potential to give you better votes. A one-way backlink is where a site links to your site, without any prompting from you and has no link to your site. So simply put, websites direct a link to your site, but you do not direct a link back to them.

Easy Ways to Use Inbound links and SEO

Ratings or page ranks of web pages depend on the quantity of “votes” or inbound links which a given site receives. Inbound links can improve an online site page rank with search engines like Google. They could bring the websites’ natural listings up, possibly towards the front page of the search query. At the same time, a reverse can happen unless quality inbound linking strategies are followed.

Major search engines like Yahoo,Google, Yahoo and MSN, consider regular article directory submissions, directory submission on quality directory sites, building ethical reciprocal links and link trading, site and page optimization through SEO techniques and social networking optimization, to be worth valuing until they follow the simple and easy and fundamental linking ethics. Inbound link building strategies should be honest by all means.

Getting inbound links

There are several people who get online each day. These individuals can be your potential consumers when you are into online business. So, once you are going online each day so as you can check your site as well as your business online then you possibly aware that there are more and more browsers who can potentially browse your site and these people are the one that can view the products and services that you are selling online.

Thus, online business competition is stiff; this is one thing that you should always keep in mind. So, you will have to make it a point that you are always prepared to find possible ways for you to survive in the in this industry as well as you also have to make sure that you can do all that it takes for survival.

Getting inbound links for your online site is one of the main considerations that you should pay careful attention with, inbound links are typically known as the links that leads back browsers into your site, this can also be the sites that internet savvy individuals typically visits.

There are several ways that you can try to acquire inbound links for your site, one of these ways is participating in online forums which is also the simplest way for you. Another is browsing into online directories and submitting your links into one that you believe can be very dependable when it comes to creating web traffic. This

Visiting link exchange is also one thing that you can consider all you have to do is to search for several sites and then select one that you think can be dependable enough. If you are settled on doing this, then you will have to be certain to select sites which you can exchange links with.