MintVine What Exactly Is It? – Legit or A Complete Scam?

If you have not heard about MintVine, allow us to enlighten you. MintVine is a company promises to reward you in the form of payment by just sharing your valuable opinion. This is a relatively new research company that claims to give people an easy way to earn real money online by earning points whenever you share your opinion about a product.

To sign up for you to work with is free and only requires you to provide your email, which they use to verify your account. To set up your account, you are also required to fill a short personal questionnaire, which allows the administrators to know which surveys you qualify for. The company promises to safeguard all the private information filled in the questionnaire.

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How does it work?

To boost sales, companies do market research to know what their customers want. This is where MintVine comes in. This company works on behalf of other companies to get opinions of the public. Your opinions are valuable since they will help the companies to understand the basic needs and ways that they could improve their products or services to meet the needs of the consumers.

As a way of rewarding you, the company will reward you with points, which are converted into cash payments. Here are some of the ways that you can make money with Mint Vine.

Taking surveys

Taking surveys is probably the main way that you can earn money online using MintVine. You will receive points after completing every survey. Each survey has at least 40 points and for every 100 points gathered from taking surveys, you will earn $1.

The great thing about these surveys is that they will indicate the number of questions available in the survey and time it will take to complete the survey. They will also indicate the points that you will earn. By so doing, you can choose the surveys you are comfortable with for you to make the most money in a given period.

MintVine Survey Street


This is another way that you can earn money using this website. However, for you to get these offers, you are required to join a membership, download something, or take a free trial. We know very many companies that try to encourage online users to join membership but do not provide anything in return.

Although joining memberships may help you to get discounted prices, there is nothing better than joining a membership and being rewarded just for taking the initiative. Here you will get two types of offers. The first type is free offers that pay you for taking simple succession actions. The second types are paid offers that come in forms of joining a membership website, gambling sites or taking free trials.

Local deals

With MintVine, you will also get to learn about local deals that can save you more than 50 percent for something that you need to purchase for personal use. Instead of purchasing the product from a local store and pay the full price, you can buy it from this website and save you more than 50 percent of the original price. What is even better is that you will also earn points in return!

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