WordPress Website Hosting With Wealthy Affiliate

There is no doubt that when it comes to a one-stop shop to learn, grow a business, and get your website hosted that Wealthy Affiliate is the only place to turn to. When I first started at Wealth Affiliate, I soon realized that and it made the process that much easier. As far as the website hosting at they offer, it very robust with great 24-hour support and comes with free email for your website along with a free SSL ability for your website.

Real quick let’s talk briefly about these features.

  • Website hosting – they have 2 servers to make sure there is a 100% connection quality
  • Full 24 hour WordPress website support for any issues, even with updates and plugins.
  • Free email for any website that is hosted by Wealthy Affiliate
  • Free SSL ability – This is a feature that all search engines look for to be a trusted website.If it is not HTTPs then do not trust it.
  • Website Hosting costs are $13.99 a year for .coms and $15.99 for .orgs, or anything thereafter
  • Update notifications
  • Free WhoisGuard (which is a privacy protection for the Domain owner)

All in all, I have had several of my WordPress websites hosted through Wealthy Affiliate AKA “WA” for about two years now and I have had zero trouble with service or speed of the website loading. The response time from the servers to pull up your website is not the fastest in the industry but it is not the worst either. They range right in the middle of things in my opinion and is will worth the cost. However, if by some chance your website fairly big or you need loading response time below one second them there are better website hosting services out there, but they do come with a cost.

In the rare case that you need your website to load quicker than one second then I would recommend WP Engines web hosting but if you are looking for a one stop shop for all your needs then Wealthy Affiliate is a place to check out and see if they fit your needs. You can read my review of them by clicking this link Wealthy Affiliate.

Please let me know if you found this helpful, I would love to hear your opinion so that I can make things better as time goes forth.

As always, leave me a comment or go to my contact page if you need any help right away.