A Unique View – My Wealthy Affiliate Scam Review

If I have heard one instance of online scams them I have heard them all, not to say that there are not online scams out there but 90% of the time the reason a person feels that like they are being scammed is because they do not put forth the effort to make the process work. 

This doesn’t apply to all but in many cases this is true so what about Wealthy Affiliate?

In my own experiences with online training programs or online programs, I have been the one who did not apply the effort in the training to achieve the desired results. This doesn’t mean that I haven’t been scammed by people claiming to have a get rich quick scheme but I have learned from those instances and have a deep understanding of what not to do.

Let’s take a second to look at Wealthy Affiliate and the facts of scam or not.

Let’s take a Second to Look at Wealthy Affiliate Scams.

As far as the name “Wealthy Affiliate” it does sound like a scam at first. I will admit that but after I did my research then I realized that they offer a risk-free trial membership which doesn’t seem in the norm for people who are trying to scam you so I gave it a shot for 30 days with no risk at all on my part.

From what I found after reading several mixed reviews of Wealthy Affiliate is that everyone has their own opinion which is mainly derived from whether they put forth the proper effort or not. I don’t know about you but when it comes to applying effort in something then that is not a question for me.

Wealthy Affiliate Steps

What about you? Your interest….

When you do something to better yourself or have a better life, is effort or the lack of a problem for you?

A Quick and Simple View of My Wealthy Affiliate Experience

Let me give you a take on my Wealthy Affiliate experience so far. When I first started going through the free training that they offer, I thought to myself that this was amazingly helpful however there still seemed to be that lack of trust best generally speaking, if something is giving you something for free then most likely there is a catch somewhere, but the more I Iooked for the catch, I couldn’t find one.

At this point, I have been through most of the Wealthy Affiliates free training and was at my 30-day mark which you can decide to join or just let the experience be whatever you got out of it.

I can tell you that I am happy that I chose to stay with Wealthy Affiliate to continue their training and all the support they have.

First Website Advantage

I will say that if you have never built a website then I would recommend trying out Wealthy Affiliate’s free training and their free website before you try to venture off into the online business world alone.

I only say this because by using their free tools and learning then you are able to get a full grasp on how to set up your website and what to look for. This way when you do what to use a paid web hosting company such as HostGator then the process is my streamlined for you to succeed.

Here is a step-by-step example of what I mean:

Wealthy Affiliate Learning

Can You Become Wealthy by being an Affiliate?

In my experience alone, I feel that anyone can become successful in the affiliate market if you are honest and add value to what you are trying to do. The first thing about affiliate marketing and wanting to become wealthy is to have a firm understanding that no matter how much someone says that you can get rich quit, you know for a fact that that is not true.

Hear me when I say “There is no such thing as getting rich quick.”

You may be able to pick things up and learn fast but without the proper guidance then it will take you a very long time. Fortunately for us, there are places that you can get very good training for free and sign up for a service to learn as much as you want so that you can dominate in being an affiliate.

I mean, do you want to start off trying to piece everything together yourself?

Or would you like to have something that is already proven that works and all you have to do is go through the training?

Don’t be Hard Headed Like Me!

I was once pretty hard-headed when it comes to getting help or buying into a program because I thought they were all scams and tricks to take my money, other times, I just thought I could do it all by myself and the truth is that we need help when we are trying to become successful.

I invite you to read my review on Wealthy Affiliate and see if you think that you can become wealthy by being an affiliate or not. No tricks here, just a solid resource for you be trust and become successful.

I am not going to do anything classy to get your attention because I truly believe that by just letting you see what is what then you will make the right decision…maybe now or maybe later but either way you will have your sights set up right.

Wealthy Affiliate: Here Is A Quick Cure

This an article to let you know to not judge a book by its cover, do your research and if there doesn’t seem to be anything that draws up a red flag then why not give it a shot to see what you can gain out of it.

If you would like to know more about Wealthy Affiliate and what they are about then read my full review by clicking this link……My Wealthy Affiliate Experience or consider researching Cheap StartUp Business then visit my homepage.

Thank you for your time and I would like to ask if you don’t mind, leave me a comment about your experiences and thoughts.

I hope all is going well,


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