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Most of us use Google to search the web and do research, but what if you just want to search a specific informational term or just a website search for research? The Google Google search engine has several different search functions. Take for instance doing a search with ” ” around them such as a keyword search for Webdesign, you would first type in a normal Google search of Web design then you will most likely get a million different options however if we just change the search to be more keyword driven then we get more of an exact search. An example would be “Web design”

Differences from the example above:

Web design gets about 499,000,000 results (0.90 seconds) but is a really spread out search.

“Web Design” gets about About 120,000,000 results (0.99 seconds) and is more itemized to fit your search.

Use Website Search in Google’s Search Engine

Now let’s look at searching for a certain website, if you were to type in the website’s name then you would get the most recent information from that website or about that website but say for instance that you were looking for certain information from that website instead of just a random search. If yu were to just open Google then enter the website’s name then you would not get the information that you ar looking for however you can.

All you have to do is type site: then the website’s name then you will get a more accurate search of information. Let’s show an example of what this looks like. In the example, I will be using and myself for the for this example, this way you can see that you can itemize things down to your liking.

Examples: gets about 4,920,000 results (0.64 seconds) gets about 350,000 results (0.33 seconds) training about 29,800 results (0.51 seconds)

site: Shane gets about 462 results (0.44 seconds)

Here is a picture of the results from site:WealthyAffiliate training search 

Wealthy Affiliate Training

With site:search you can search a specific website for any word or phrase and even narrow that down to get exactly the information that you need.

I hope this helps give you a better understanding of how to find exactly what you are looking for and please leave me a comment so that I can hear your thoughts on this topic. Was it helpful?


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