Who is This THWGlobal Review For?

Table Of Contents

-Overview of THWGlobal

– About The Owner

– Support inside THWGlobal

– Pricing for THW Global

– Pros of THW Global

– Cons

– Bottom Line

THW Global at first glance seems like a genuine way that people can use to make some extra coins with the internet. However, when carefully examined, you understand that it is just a sneaky pyramid recruiting scheme. THW Global is blatant to waste people’s time but not to help them earn some legitimate money watching free videos. THW Global is a scam of the highest order.

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Overview of THWGlobal


THW Global is a free membership program that anyone can join. However, some countries aren’t supported. They claim that for a country to have THW Global supported they must have over 50,000 active IV’s. They also require people of different race and language for the program to be launched in a country. THW Global provides different kinds of videos just like the ones we watch in sites like YouTube, Youku and Daily Motion.

However, when we watch this videos on YouTube, Youku and Daily motion, we do it for fun. But when you watch the same videos from THW Global you earn money for that, and it sounds funny and interesting as well. They claim that you can earn $25 per hour for watching a video that they have provided on their site. It is not clearly explained on their website exactly how you earn this money since their website lacks a lot of information. According to them, THW Global is beneficial since you can make some dollars in the comfort of your home.

Another way you can earn money via THW Global is by referring someone else to watch the videos. You get paid $5 for anyone who earns $25 through your referral. This implies that when you recommend someone, and he/she watches the videos for 10 hours and earns $250, you will also earn $50 in the process. This process continues as longs as you keep recommending the website to others. This claim is funny, outrageous and ludicrous. THW have managed to register over a million people in their website.

For you to start earning money from the website, once you are in the system you are required to buy the affiliate program. The cost of buying the affiliate program is $995. Can you imagine how long it will take you to get your hard earned money back at the rate of $25 per hour? Well, this may be pretty simple and fast only that the rules changed.

You can also earn some tokens from the site for completing some various tasks such as buying products through their affiliate links, liking and commenting on the videos and playing games among other tasks.

The actual value of each token is not clear and changes depending on the companies algorithms on a monthly basis. When you accumulate enough tokens, you can be able to change them into points, and when you accrue enough points, you can be able to change them into dollars. For every 100 points, you get $1.

All these changes appear only to benefit the company’s owner. It appears that he is trying to make profits and maximize it by getting people to get into his website and watch the ads on the videos.

He gets paid for these ads and passes them to the website users without letting go of his main source of profit. In addition, he is interested in obtaining a list of emails through sign-ups. These are mostly buyers who are looking to make some extra coins online. You are mistaken if you think this is a golden opportunity where you can make money online.

Here is a quick video about a member that I found very helpful and I hope you do as well:

About The Owner

This program is designed and promoted by a serial scam artist by the name Sherm Mason. A majority of people don’t know about the owner since he has made a great effort to hide from being known. This is not the first time Sherm Mason has been involved in such scam schemes.

He was involved in a pyramid scheme known as 3 x 9 Millionaire Machine. This scheme made the lowest level people in the pyramid to pay the highest level ones. Only people who were at the highest level were able to earn from the scheme.

In this pyramid scheme, people were required to buy the scheme which he promoted as a product for $40. So the introduction of THW Global is basically a trend from Sherm Mason.

Support inside THWGlobal

For you to join the system, someone must invite you. The invite might be in the form of a link from the social network. Irrespective of the way you have been invited you will become a follower of the person who has invited you. You might not even know that person since once you get into the system, you become your own. The support is nonexistence.

Pricing for THW Global

In June 2016 when this product was first launched, you could basically get it for free. As from 1st September, people were required to buy an affiliate plan for $995 in order to get paid. On top of this, you will also be required to pay a monthly fee of $39.95 so that you can continue your membership. This will allow you to receive payment from the program.

Pros of THW Global

– You can watch fun videos as long as you turn on your ad blocker


– The platform changes every other day

– You are required to buy-in to the affiliate program

– The person running the program is a well-known scam artist

– Pyramid style compensation

– The new rules only benefit the owner not the users

– The videos must be played with played with full and access

Bottom Line: This Program is a Scam, Stay Away From It to Be Safe

You will waste a lot of time watching advertisements, but you will not receive any payment until you watch a significant value of advertisements. The program is only meant to benefit the owner. He receives payment from clients who want their products advertised and also earns revenue for viewers.

If you are out there looking for a way you can earn some extra coins via the internet this is not the way to go. You can learn some other methods of earning through affiliate marketing programs on YouTube. After all, this is what Sherm Mason is doing. All that he is looking after is people to watch his videos.

While I would like to tell you that watching some videos is an awesome way to earn money, I just can’t say that. All that you will be doing is wasting your time.

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You can sit down and watch videos while someone is earning on your behalf or you can do it for yourself and start a business either online or a local business doing affiliate marketing.

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