Who is This THWGlobal Review For?

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-Overview of THWGlobal

– About The Owner

– Support inside THWGlobal

– Pricing for THW Global

– Pros of THW Global

– Cons

– Bottom Line

THW Global at first glance seems like a genuine way that people can use to make some extra coins with the internet. However, when carefully examined, you understand that it is just a sneaky pyramid recruiting scheme. THW Global is blatant to waste people’s time but not to help them earn some legitimate money watching free videos. THW Global is a scam of the highest order.

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Overview of THWGlobal


THW Global is a free membership program that anyone can join. However, some countries aren’t supported. They claim that for a country to have THW Global supported they must have over 50,000 active IV’s. They also require people of different race and language for the program to be launched in a country. THW Global provides different kinds of videos just like the ones we watch in sites like YouTube, Youku and Daily Motion.