The 5 Second Theory – Million Dollar Morning with Mel Robbins

How do you turn your morning around into a million dollar morning?

I always find myself oversleeping! Sometimes I hit the snooze button so much! I even find myself missing the gym or even breakfast. All these happen to anyone too of course. On the contrary, everyone has a guarantee of having a breathtaking day, and this should not be associated with the kind of morning one experiences. But the question is, how important is your morning?

The Mel Robbins – Outstanding TedX Talk Makes You….

For at least 17 years, Mel Robbins CNN show has been helping people know how to get everything they need. By all means available, Mel has tried helping people find solutions to arrays of problems. For about three years, he has host a radio show that is syndicated. For about five days every week, Robbins goes to live the cities where he speaks to men and women of America. Always using her own method…5..4..3..2..1..Reboot

5..4..3..2..1Brain RebootStart Your Morning Right
Stop Putting Things OffRe-Start ThoughtsEnjoy Your Morning
Stop Over SleepingMake a ListMake Progress
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The TedX Talk of Mel Robbins

A little off of the topic of starting an online business but is useful when having an inner look at yourself or your business…maybe even what it needs to open your eyes to being better and having a better here it is. Almost a third of the larger American population feels dissatisfied regarding the manner in which they live currently. What Robbins does is to move into their house and verbally strengthen them through motivational speeches. In one Thanksgiving dinner, she decides to talk about things people face in real life situations. In a speech of about 18 minutes, Mel decided to tell the audience how to get whatever they want.

How did Mel Robbins do it?

Mel ordered the audience to take about a millisecond so that they would think of whatever they desired to have or achieve. In so doing, they were all to get selfless. Mel then posed the question to the audience again?

“What do you want?…I mean really want out of life…Don’t BS yourself”

Whatever everyone wanted according to Mel should not be a bother, whether it sounds good to others or not.

  • What do you therefore want?
  • Is it all about starting an online business?
  • Is it all about making your income double?
  • Is it all about beginning a philanthropic venture?

What do you need?…Don’t be scared to reach your dreams…Limitations are False!

You should not analyze what you want to your whole life, just know whatever you need and go out to get it. The problem is that you don’t want to pick whatever it is that you need.
The truth is that what one may require is very simple.

The difference is, it is not easy, please note that. The concept of getting what one wants is very simple. Since we live in a very surprising moment currently, and therefore, finding that solution to your problem is always available. The problem may be eating straight to cure diabetes or developing a hospice.

You can read such in books or Google it.

So, how do you turn your morning around to have a million dollar morning?

  • Meditation

Meditation is associated with success. That is because when one practices, they have to focus on what matters. Most of the successful men of the original type of meditation while women prefer the Vipassana type. Through meditation, people can take control of their brains. Meditation is an exercise specifically for the brain. Through it, the voice inside the head will stop, and by so doing, it will be easy to silence that voice which prompts us not to wake up each morning.

  • Having a Morning Routine

Expert has profiled rich people and proved that they had created a habit of having a morning routine for themselves. On the contrary, most people w