One thing is for sure, there are many magic tricks that you can use as an online marketer in order to create the ultimate experience in getting the most out of your day to day marketing lifestyle using the various “niches” and social media tactics out there.

We have videos below that show each one of Marketer Magic’s tools along with how to use them….all you need to know is right here!

From using products such as ManyChat, and more, you need to know that when it comes to someone who quits their day job to earn more than ten million bucks in a year makes a product that is meant to help other marketers, it’s often a legitimate necessity, especially when it comes to being able to increase your digital marketing network.

That’s where Marketer Magic comes in.

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What is Marketer Magic?

Marketer Magic is an amazing software application that you can use which contains six different valuable tools to add customization and personalization that are combined into one easy web app platform.

These tools work together to create a special dashboard available for you to generate leads, integrate your e-mail marketing campaign, have custom shortened links, a work hub (which helps to provide real-time screenshots, task work, and manage payroll all at once).

You can even give your customers automatic images with LivePic where you can send a “selfie” with your customer’s real names. You can even use tools like SocialProof to help aid you in your social media marketing experience for both you and your customers.




A Little More In-Depth Guide to the Tools

All of these tools work together so you don’t have to. Using a collection of applications like the ones we mentioned above that are included in the Marketer Magic Suite. Now we’ll get a little more in-depth with each one.

This will greatly enable you to get the most out of your applications so you can know exactly what it does and how to set things up. Signing up for Marketer Magic is simple.



ClickProof SocialProof

This tool allows you to see what customers of yours automatically come up on the screen. This is a way to bring more attention to your page or social media page by using your customers’ social media accounts.





As mentioned briefly above, this is an automated picture that helps you to engage with customers. It’s more targeted towards e-mail marketing so you can send a picture of you holding a blank whiteboard, then automatically writes a greeting to the selected customer to add a more personal experience for them.



Work Hub

You can have automatic tracking for your social media marketing team, and even manage things like payroll to each member of the team in order to generate an automatic workplace.



E-Mail Verifier

When it comes to having the right spam protection (not for just your own messages that deliver to your inbox, but your customer’s as well), you can ensure that your e-mails won’t end up in their spam folders. It works in conjunction with your e-mail marketing campaign to keep you safe.


Email Verifier



Many Leads

This is a way that you can find numerous leads or look for clients that can help you generate those leads that you’re needing to find.





This is a custom link shortening tool very similar to other platforms, but it helps to provide an exceptionally secure url shortener similar to and redirect people to many different link shorteners to speed up your marketing campaign.

MiniMe Link Shortener



How to Properly Set Up The Best Tools

Now you may have looked at the above information and become overwhelmed, but have no fear. Each of these are actually extremely easy to sign up for and get set up. When you go to the Marketer Magic home page, you simply sign up, enter your billing information, and claim your free trial.

From there you get thrown into your dashboard. You can easily click on marketer university that will greatly help you understand the basics of using Marketer Magic. It only takes about an hour to watch all of the videos, but you’ll get the basic knowledge you need to continue.

Get free Marketing Magic training right here to see the real value, We will email you the full training if you want.?

Free Marketer Magic Training



Setting Up ClickProof

ClickProof is a way to show a detailed “verified” tag on your website that allows you to have a click funnel. This allows you to show people that sign up for your website. It allows you to create click funnels that show recent activity, show a live visitor count or active users online, or even create your own click funnel.

To create a click funnel, simply click on the “New Campaign” button, then enter a name for your campaign.

You can leave the top box blank if you’re going to use click funnels, or you can enter a capture URL that automatically makes people sign up if they click on the generated “toast message” at the bottom of your website where you should enter the snippet. If you’re using a click funnel, you can enter your target url where you want the click funnel to appear (for example, just your domain name) and then click the “Next” button.

From there, you can choose the Recent Activity, Live Visitor Count or Custom.

When you click on “Next”, you can copy the snippets to your ClickFunnels page, add the clickfunnel to your Shopify page, or even just simply copy and paste the HTML snippet for your website. An example of a ClickProof campaign is actually on a lot of websites and e-commerce stores that give you a “So and so just purchased this product” message.




MiniMI.Me Link Shortener Setup


This is one of the most popular tools that is extremely simple to use in Marketer Magic. You can split links, retarget links, create deep links, or make a simple shortened link with a secure link that you can send on any device because it provides an SSL security certificate.

Link Shortener

You simply create a link by clicking the button. Simply paste the actual page URL there. If you’re wanting to know where the traffic is coming from, then you can choose a paid or organic traffic. You can make a unique identifier that gives you a secure link.

This allows you to not have to worry because many people require secure SSL links in order to be shared. Once you have the link created, you can see where the traffic demographics are behind it, since it has better tracking capabilities.

Link Splitter

This is a little bit different because you can choose where you actually want your traffic to go to, and choose how often it goes to one link or the other. You can choose the same UTM parameters as you did with the link shortener. It chooses your UTM source and redirects it to the proper URL parameters.

Retargeting Link

The retargeting link is a way to help push your items to a specific url. This can be extremely successful if you’re wanting to have a product that you want to share. Therefore, you can run a Facebook ad and also build an audience off of your Marketer Magic pixel which you can set, and then use your UTM of choice. After you do this, you can customize your link and then save it.

The good thing is that when you use these links and they click on them, it helps to develop your audience for running ads, while at the same time directing people to that company.

Deep Links

Deep links are links that are made directly for phones. This allows you to have a link on a website, homepage, advertisement, or even something sent on Messenger. A deep link goes to that application that opens the URL and then loads the URL on the phone’s browser.

You can use numerous apps and choose what application you are going to use. This allows you to paste a url from your application source (and it even automatically detects the app based on the URL) to create the deep link for your targeted mobile device of your choice.

Link Tree

When you use link trees, you can use multiple URL’s and have all of these links categorized and grouped together. This allows you to create custom URL and allows you to add and edit the URLs for your campaign. This means that you can completely have multiple URLs set to one shortened link.


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E-Mail Verifier Setup

You can literally verify all e-mails that you have when it comes to protecting yourself as a marketer so you can add the snippet to your website. At the same time, it also protects you from having fake e-mail addresses sign up for your services on your “sign up” page simply by adding the code snippet and calling upon that code to make sure that e-mail is legit.

You can easily verify lists by importing CSV files. This will help you get your e-mail marketer campaign, and then export them to a CSV file. Once you do this, you simply click the “Verify New List”. You may have to change your CSV file so the e-mail is on the very first column in Excel or your spreadsheet program.

Then you click to browse for the file or drag the file from another Explorer window. If you don’t show that the e-mail is on the very left-hand side, your verifier will flag all of the e-mails as bad or unknown.

Many times custom domain e-mails are flagged as unknown. If you download all e-mails, then you’ll get your list of valid and invalid emails. You can choose to sort them in your spreadsheet articles.

Therefore, you need to sort a to Z or Z to A and remove the invalid e-mails.

Once you’ve edited this, you can also add things like manage tags, scoring, contacts, manage exclusions, and so much more. You can also use an IF statement on your CSV file for invalid e-mails so when you upload the document, it updates the list and removes the invalid e-mails.

When you repeat that process and integrate this list back into your e-mail marketer, you can actually make sure that all of your e-mails are sent to live e-mails that are vetted and successful e-mails.


Start Verifying Emails To Keep This Profitable



Setting Up Generating Successful Leads

In this section, we’re going to explain how to create a successful e-mail campaign. You can look for leads as a marketing manager, this can help you find the right clients that you need.

For example, if you’re looking for clients that are realtors, you can choose to search for “Realtor” for example, you can see their website, find out what other avenues and social media platforms they’re on, and see all of your potentials that you can unlock for your customer to generate a possible lead.

What does this mean? This means you can literally find out what your customers don’t have, and build solid lead campaigns and generate real proposals to help get yourself more clients as well.

You can localize your results by choosing to “Create a Campaign”, then add your Campaign Name, enter a keyword or phrase to search for, and a location, and it will search for all of the leads by searching for this for you.

Basically, it can take the place of searching for a business, and even track whether or not you’ve e-mailed them.



Get ManyLeads & Start Getting Clients Today!



Work Hub Setup

When you are an online marketer, you’re usually not alone in your projects. Most marketers have project organizations, team members that they’ll work with, virtual assistants and more. When you’re wanting to make a new project, you can create a Project by clicking the button, entering the name, adding a description, offering a budget, and then add different people.

You can literally track all of your steps that your assistants have where you can find that your contractors will sign into work hub and start working.

This is very similar to something like, but the difference is that when they use Work Hub, you can actually see with live screenshots that they’re actually working on your projects as well.



Why It’s Important to Utilize Marketer Magic Over Alternatives

While we have mentioned a few items above, some of which are free, while other apps cost money, you need to realize just what all of these apps being integrated into one platform on the cloud can mean for you.

When you’re working with multiple people remotely, and even multiple marketing campaigns, you could definitely choose to go the extra mile (such as paying for an SSL link, but it is extremely expensive) by choosing additional methods individually.

But there are so many discrepancies by using multiple methods to achieve the same result that Marketer Magic can give you all in one easy web application.

For example, having separate time management software, screenshotting software, remote management software, shortened link services, and social media tracking, let alone searching for leads all in their own application or device can actually cause more harm than good both for time management, and even resource management.

Many times, having all of these various software and even web applications can mean you have more work to manually do, and this cuts into automation.

At the same time, by trying to do all of these things separately on your computer for example, you’ll notice that these all take more system resources to run, which can also result in having performance issues on your device or computer, and you don’t want that when you’re trying to manage multiple things at once.




If you’re wanting the best applications that you can choose in order to manage your workspace and team members, integrate that e-mail marketing campaign, and generate positive leads, you’ll want to do more than simply search Google for leads.

While you could easily do this, it would take a lot of time to sift through all of those business results and find leads.

As an online marketer, you want to be able to work quickly, efficiently, as well as provide quality and value to your work, which is the most outstanding trait that a company is going to look for when it comes to getting the most return on investment (ROI) and helping you to succeed online as a smart marketer.

Having the best platforms like Marketer Magic at your arsenal means that you can generate more revenue and increase your ability to find more customers that are in need to help you push forward.

Add that to other web application integrations such as ManyChat, and even Zapier, and you’ve got your hands on a powerhouse arsenal of automation and successful passive income-earning tools.


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