One thing is for sure, there are many magic tricks that you can use as an online marketer in order to create the ultimate experience in getting the most out of your day to day marketing lifestyle using the various “niches” and social media tactics out there.

We have videos below that show each one of Marketer Magic’s tools along with how to use them….all you need to know is right here!

From using products such as ManyChat, and more, you need to know that when it comes to someone who quits their day job to earn more than ten million bucks in a year makes a product that is meant to help other marketers, it’s often a legitimate necessity, especially when it comes to being able to increase your digital marketing network.

That’s where Marketer Magic comes in.

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What is Marketer Magic?

Marketer Magic is an amazing software application that you can use which contains six different valuable tools to add customization and personalization that are combined into one easy web app platform.

These tools work together to create a special dashboard available for you to generate leads, integrate your e-mail marketing campaign, have custom shortened links, a work hub (which helps to provide real-time screenshots, task work, and manage payroll all at once).

You can even give your customers automatic images with LivePic where you can send a “selfie” with your customer’s real names. You can even use tools like SocialProof to help aid you in your social media marketing experience for both you and your customers.




A Little More In-Depth Guide to the Tools

All of these tools work together so you don’t have to. Using a collection of applications like the ones we mentioned above that are included in the Marketer Magic Suite. Now we’ll get a little more in-depth with each one.

This will greatly enable you to get the most out of your applications so you can know exactly what it does and how to set things up. Signing up for Marketer Magic is simple.



ClickProof SocialProof

This tool allows you to see what customers of yours automatically come up on the screen. This is a way to bring more attention to your page or social media page by using your customers’ social media accounts.





As mentioned briefly above, this is an automated picture that helps you to engage with customers. It’s more targeted towards e-mail marketing so you can send a picture of you holding a blank whiteboard, then automatically writes a greeting to the selected customer to add a more personal experience for them.



Work Hub

You can have automatic tracking for your social media marketing team, and even manage things like payroll to each member of the team in order to generate an automatic workplace.



E-Mail Verifier

When it comes to having the right spam protection (not for just your own messages that deliver to your inbox, but your customer’s as well), you can ensure that your e-mails won’t end up in their spam folders. It works in conjunction with your e-mail marketing campaign to keep you safe.