Affilorama Review

Affiliate Marketing – Quick Overview

In the world of Affiliate marketing; the only difference between that is standard advertising is that the affiliate market uses websites, email, and joint ventures, when standard advertising uses billboards, TV, and social media. Affiliating marketing acts much different as in the way affiliates get paid vs standard advertising. Since the website or affiliate marketer is doing all of the work then that person gets a percentage of the sale. The person who are responsible for doing the reviews or giving information out about the products on the Internet as noted above are known as affiliate marketers. Affilorama is an online based business community that does affiliate marketing but could it be a scam? Find out in this review.

Affiliation Process:

You simply need to put a hyperlink of a product on your web page what limits you is your imagination. The process of online marketing is not a steep selling method, and also, it is not a scam or activity performed by scammers. Affiliate marketers are ordinary individuals with the urge of making money through their personal websites. We can also describe such people as those who are seeking an established work-at-home business within the internet framework.


Website Url:
Owner of the product: Mark Ling
Overall Rank of Affilorama: 7 out of 10

General Overview

Mark Ling began Affilorama in 2005. Affilorama is an online based business community that is aimed at teaching people about the concepts of affiliate marketing. The corporate sector has a record for offering excellent elementary training. However, they have a tendency of upbringing unnecessary up-sells. Affilorama will, however, update their training kits, which is different from other freelancing opportunities in the online spectrum.

Pros and Cons of Affilorama


  • Membership is available and free. An interested client can also check its credibility before paying their money.
  • The training kit offers stable and useful courses
  • It provides access to a beautiful online marketing community.


  • Numerous confusing up-sells.
  • Limited basic membership that also has few tools that would help a client succeed online.
  • A lot of pressure and prompt messages to upgrade membership
  • Some of the materials for training are outdated.

Who Does Affilorama Suite?

The training offered in Affilorama suits beginners, intermediate clients or even the advanced. One will, therefore, realize that many options are available depending on the online marketing budget.

Training within the community:
Affilorama offers its basic training kit which is the quick step to advanced training stages. The basic program includes videos and other tools. The basic package is geared towards introducing the student to the basics of affiliate marketing.

The Affilorama Premium level:
This level offers additional tools for training.

These other tools include:

  • The Affilorama Jetpack: it is a package that is necessary for website creation and website hosting.
  • Affilorama Theme: it is a different version of the Jetpack service.

Affilorama Support:
This section receives its support from the community in a similar manner as most affiliate communities. Members are expected to help fellow members.

Affilorama Pricing:
There is the free and the premium plan.

The premium plan goes for around $67 monthly.

The package for this premium membership includes the required software, access to a hosting platform, training toolkit and forums for the community. The best plan is the AffiloBlueprint membership. This plan, however, comes at about $197 which is a one-time fee. After that, the client is expected to pay a monthly $67 fee. The package comes with a package that includes 13 lessons with six different themes for the customer’s website.

Affilorama Free Member Guide

My Final Take

Most people who are members of Affilorama community love it. The product is great; it offers marvelous tools for training for payable packages. It is a solid type of online platform for internet business opportunities. On the contrary, the number of up-sells and some of the training packages offering old techniques can look a bit confusing for a beginner. When a client has to go for this program, he needs to approach it after outlining a proper plan of action.

The individual should then go for the basics of premium membership before venturing into other packages to avoid confusion. When you find information regarding any internet marketing program, whether good or bad, you should post your findings to give an understanding of how well the process works or doesn’t work. Starting any process on the lower option of free option to give it a try is the best bet to making sure that you know and are aware of what the program offers and to not get ripped off. After all, no one wants to waste their hard earned money and their time on something that might not be the best things for them…..Am I right?

It is important to be aware of the pros and cons that we often overlook, therefore, take the time to read the content of what Affilorama provides form this review and make  sure it gives you a good background of them, if not then please feel free to contact me and I will be glad to assist in any way that I can.

When one takes the sources provided by Affilorama and put it into practice, their platform could greatly help you if you do their process correctly. It has the potential to turn your life’s situation into on of financial freedom. It is completely up to you on how far you can take this so as I have said before there is no get rich quick methods online, you have to put forth the effort in anything you do. There are may people that have made large amounts of money using Affilorama. Some individuals will take the liberty to buy the premium packages and try to make the most out of what they have and some will not, this is the defining factor if you will become successful or not.

Conclusion on Affilorama

In my opinion, people should try to diversifying what they are using as affiliates to get a better outcome but it all breaks down to setting up what is best for you. No proper training is required for the free membership that they offer. However, on other training services they offer, you should be aware that some of the training can be quite vigorous. Just a note, all the training they offer at Affilorama pertains to the affiliate marketing niche. With all the available tools for building private blog networks or better known as PBNs.

There are people that make money using products such as this. Search engine optimization experts using that use this product will tell you it is possible to make over a 100K doing this. One successful person to highlight is Stephen Floyd, he gives his experience of how he managed to be a successful as a search engine optimization expert. This just goes to show that it can be done but with effort just like everything things else we do in life and in Stephen’s case the  Affilorama premium packaging helped train him.


Affilorama is legitimate for some and not for others, mainly due to the up-sells and hidden fees; it does offer quality training that comes with a couple of flaws that may include expensive up-sells. When starting an online business it is best to spend little to no money so this is why I lean towards Wealthy Affiliate instead of Affilorama to be the startup course for online careers. Wealthy Affiliate offers a free start with absolutely no up-sells or hidden fees, this is where I am a member so I ask you to read my review of them and if you would like to try WA them then it just cost the price of your email to sign up.

Advice For Success

I hope this you find this article well informative and as I always say, let me know if I can help you out in any way.


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