Survey Junkie Scam Detection Review

Survey Junkie is a popular website that was launched in 2005. This website is an online platform that provides money earning opportunity/rewards by just sharing your thoughts. This website gives people an opportunity to make money by just taking part in filling out forms of surveys for various 3rd party companies.

This website offers you and opportunity/platform to earn money while still at home. There is no fee, it is free to sign in. Only members of United States, United Kingdom, Canada, Australia, and New Zealand can participate.

Unlike most websites, survey Junkie offers an opportunity/paid surveys from different research companies. The surveys may be different from each other as every company has different interests. The website says that members can earn up to 75 dollars per survey, but this will depend on the nature of the survey.

Many people have benefited from this online company. Survey junkie claims that thousands of people are using the website to earn extra cash. You can use the website to make money part time or full time.

There are great benefits including product evaluation. This allows you to freely test a product. You can easily join focus groups and have an opportunity of earning even more. In these groups, you can earn up to 100 dollars. This company offers free membership.

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What is Survey Junkie really about?

Survey Junkie advertises themselves as Survey Company, but they are a lead a lead generation site. This company plays the middleman role between you and other survey sites. The company assures every member of security and safety. Your contact info will not be shared or spammed. As soon as you register, you become the member. Of course, you will have to fill out questionnaires, and the info you provide will be used anytime they want to reach you.

Joining Survey Junkie is free, but some of the research companies may require you to pay some fee. When you’re signing in, ensure you get the official company website. The process is free. You don’t have to pay anything. If you’re asked to pay, then it is not the official site. This company has no connection with Better Business Bureau (BBB). It is an independent company that provides opportunities to most people. If you want to make quick money in the comfort of your house, you just need to sign up and get started.

Signing Up to Survey Junkie….

If you want to sign up and start making money, there are simple things that the company requires/expects from you. You must be 18 years and above. You must be a US, Australia, New Zealand, United Kingdom or Canada national. People from other countries not mentioned aren’t allowed to sign up to Survey Junkie. If you meet all the necessary requirements, you’re ready to go. If you’re less than 18 years and do not come from either of the above countries, you cannot qualify.

Creating a Survey Junkie account is free. You are not required to pay anything. The process may be worrisome especially if you’re using a work email as they will cancel your registration. You’re required to provide your personal email for you to become a member. That is not the end, after you’ve provided your email, and you’re required to fill out a questionnaire.

The questionnaire may ask personal questions, and you’re be required to provide genuine answers. Your answers may be sold to specific companies for a small amount of money. This means that the more questionnaires you fill out, the higher the chances of making even more. This company doesn’t screen your websites they sell your info and will not intervene if you decide to join survey companies that fail to pay you.

Earning Cash Using Survey Junkie…Can You?

Just like any other survey company/site, you earn cash by taking surveys. This company doesn’t reward you direct money. Survey Junkie operates with a point system. When you complete your profile, you earn twenty-five points. Most surveys are between 20-200 points. The more you take surveys, the higher the chances of making more money. On Survey Junkie, 1000 points earn you 10 dollars.

The earnings may vary from person to person because of different factors such as demography. Not every person is qualified for the same surveys. Not every person has the opportunity to earn the same amount of money. There are some people who can even make 45 dollars per hour depending on surveys.

If you want to earn a lot from Survey Junkie, you need to join focus groups. You can join focus groups as soon as you log in. This gives you an opportunity to make extra cash.


• It is free to join Survey Junkie

• Survey Junkie is legit and gives you an opportunity to make extra money

• If you’re experienced in a certain field, the company interested in data from such a field my pay you more per survey

• Survey Junkie provides you with an easy way of earning bucks


• Your email can receive a lot of spam emails from Survey Junkie and third party companies

• Survey Junkie is not a sustainable source of money/income

• It is limited to only members of US, UK, Canada, New Zealand, and Australia

• Income potential is very low

Is Survey Junkie legit?

Survey Junkie is not a scam. It is a legit company you can work with, the only problem is that it is not an alternative to your financial problems. It does not offer enough money to sustain you. You cannot use the program to start working from home and earning money. The amount of money earned thorough this program is not enough to fully sustain your financial needs. You can use the program to earn little cash after a job or anytime you’re free to take the survey and submit.

People do make some good money but not, always. As we have seen there are factors that determine what you can earn. Factors such as demographic, experience in various fields among others play a major role on your earnings. As soon as you sign up you’re given 25 points. This acts as a stepping stone to earn more points by taking surveys. Even if you taking surveys, it is always good to have another source of income.

My Conclusion for Survey Junkie

This leads me to give an opinion of not recommending Survey Junkie a s a program to pursue those who are serious about making money. In fact, if you are serious about starting an online business or simple what to learn about affiliate marketing then click here to see my #1 pick.

There is a very cost effective method that I suggest you do a run through before you waste time. This will add a valued understanding of what the based foundation needs to be so you don’t waste money….

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I hope this article gave you a better understanding of what Survey Junkie is about and helps you make a solid decision on what you want to pursue.

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