Website Building – 7 Common Mistakes

Unlike before, anyone can build a website. You don’t need to have coding experience to be able to build a website. You can just use WIX. WIX has made it easy for any person to build a website. If you’re building a website for the very first time, there are guidelines that ought to be followed.

There are common mistakes that most people make while building websites. If you want your website to be successful and to rank high on search engines, you need to avoid mistakes that we’ll discuss below. When you’re building a website, you should avoid big as well as simple mistakes. Simple mistakes can translate to large consequences.

Your website must be very informative and contain high-quality content. In this article, we are going to discuss top 7 mistakes that people make when building/creating a website

1.  Annoying navigation

This is a common mistake that most people make. Even if your website looks beautiful and has high-quality info/content but has annoying navigation, it will not serve the purpose or meet your expectations. Annoying/poor navigation scares audiences away.

If your audience cannot easily find the info they’re searching, they’re most likely to leave the page and click into another website that is easy to navigate. Annoying/poor navigation means that buttons aren’t visible, links are hard to find, or they’ve been placed in the wrong place or spot.

When you’re building your website, there needs to be common sense and logic. You must keep in mind that you’re not building a website for your own convenience but for customers’/clients’ convenience.

The way you organize your site’s navigation will determine the influence your website has. Users must always be able to easily find what they need. Header, footer and navigation bar must always be consistent on each page. Ensure that all your audience can easily access all pages.

2.  A lot of clutter on the homepage

There is no doubt that your homepage is the first thing visitors see every time they visit your website. If there is too much clutter on your homepage, it becomes difficult for your website to thrive or gain ranking on search engines. Of course, your website must be catchy but it should not look like and 80’s teen magazine.

Too much clutter will just tempt your visitors to leave.

Too much clutter will only ruin your website. Less is more in websites today. Of course, you can have a lot of content on your site, but your website must display in an organized and simple way. Avoid using a lot of texts.

If you want to use multiple images, you can select a sliding gallery that portrays one photo at a time.

3.  No call to action

A call to action is a compelling info or request for your visitors to act. This can be a bottom line that encourages and convinces your visitors of the need to either buy your products or services. The call to action depends on the purpose of your site. If you want people to buy, subscribe, follow, register, view, download, or share, you can create a suitable call to action depending on the purpose/aim. Call to action allows the visitor to do exactly what is required. As the name suggests, the call to action aims at getting audience take the necessary action.

4.  Out-of-date content

Most people make a mistake of creating the site and abandoning it. It is always important to let the world know that your site is active and open for business. Of course, there must be contact info that is active and convenient. Customers/clients expect a response every time they contact you.

If customers are inquiring about the products or services you’re offering, you should always reply. If your site looks abandoned, visitors will not contact you. People make a mistake of creating the site and abandoning it.

If you want to rank high on search engine, you must always update your site. The more recent the content of your site, the more the chances it gets indexed by Google.

Even if your site serves as an online business card, it is crucial to update the copyright date at the bottom of the page.

5.  Going live without testing

Of course, it is not easy to build a website if you don’t know coding, but with WIX, it is very easy. Anyone can create a website using this platform. Unlike some years back when building a website required knowledge in coding, WIX has made it easy to build your own website but you need to check spelling mistakes, alignment issues, broken links and other small/minor things before going live.

Most people make the mistake of going live without checking every detail. You must go through the entire website before going live. You can also have another person check and confirm that everything is okay. Having another observer is great as he may have a better idea about websites and give you a valuable suggestion.

6.  Slowness and Downtime

The online performance of your site such as uptime and loading speed affects the traffic and search engine rankings. Most people ignore the fact that slowness and downtime are factors.

Speeding up your website is very important.

Your website must have at least 99.9 percent uptime. If your web page takes more than seven seconds to load, most visitors will just leave the site. If your web page is fast, you will have a lot of visitors. As we have seen, your site should not be created for your own convenience but for the convenience of visitors, customers and potential customers.

7.  Unreasonable design

Most people pay attention to the content. Of course, the content on your website is very important but poor or unreasonable appearance will ruin everything. Most people don’t pay attention to the importance of website layout and design. The first thing that people see when they click into your website is the overall appearance.

Ensure that the appearance is as attractive as the content itself. For example, if you’re selling makeup for young women, you should select a feminine WordPress theme with attractive background color such as pink and place all products on the first page with top quality resolution.

If you’re building a website and would like to be successful or your site to achieve a high ranking, you need to avoid making the above mistakes.

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