The Best Review of Swag Bucks In 2017

About Swag Bucks the Company is an online business in the city of Los Angeles. Protégé LLC powers this program. It also partners with large brands including the New York Giants, the WGN America, among others. has over 4 million members who are registered and thus it is considered as one of the rapidly growing programs within the online platform. In 2011, the Inc. 500 ranked at number 43 among the fastest growing companies in U.S. In Los Angeles alone, it was ranked as the 3rd fastest growing company.

Training Within the Community

The training offered in Swagbucks suits beginners, intermediate clients or event the advanced. One will, therefore, realize that many options are depending on the online marketing budget. Swagbucks also offers an essential training kit which is the quick step towards making money using their platform. The basic program includes videos and other tools. The basic package is geared towards introducing the student to the basics of affiliate marketing but is nothing like the experience that Wealthy Affiliate offers from my experience, not to be biased.

What is Swagbucks?

Swagbucks, as the name suggests, is an online company that is very hard to miss in the online marketing arena. The site,, is unique and easily distinguishable from other online marketing sites from the fact that it has a traditional rewards system. Another unique feature is the fact that they do not pay in cash. They, however, have a system of payment recognized as the “swag buck” point system. One Swag Buck point equals 1 US cent. The more the points, the easier your chance to redeem them for various rewards cash included.

To gain these points, one is required first to become a member. The process is done through registering on their website;

The interesting part:

After registering as a member, the user has the potential of earning the points but just through using the site’s search engine. All the issues that are searched via their engine are outsourced from either or Google. We all know that both Google and are famous and also reliable sources of information. As you search, you win yourself swag buck points. On the contrary, the site has new methods of rewarding their member.

The methods comprise of:

  • Rewards after tuning into SBTV.
  • Rewards after playing games.
  • Rewards after answering online paid surveys.

Is Swag Buck Legit?

Swagbucks is a big, versatile and a legitimate online enterprise that has grown over time. One must realize that for every option that is available for making money, a strategy towards achieving the objectives tied to making money should be provided. How then, does Swagbucks help in achieving the ultimate goal of making money online?

Making Money with Swagbucks

You should always have in mind that little things did always pile up. How does this then apply to making $1,300 in three days? Understand that first thing are always done first. You, therefore, need to first sign up with Swagbucks to ensure that you some points. Secondly, confirm your email after which you can start the earning spree by registering for the features available on the site. Continue filling everything in the pages that pop up. After ensuring that everything required, every piece of detail needed is filled, the next stage will be to complete the survey relating to your profile. Filling the surveys that are associated with your personal profile ensures that the company will always direct surveys you are qualified for, in your way.

The Activities Swagbucks will Require you to Perform on a Daily Basis.

You will be given a new Daily Poll; you will also be given a Daily Crave and Offers. The simple poll is straightforward and direct and requires you to vote and earn your 1SB. The voting process takes a second to complete. The Daily Crave, on the contrary, obliges you to visit a particular article and review it by saying whether it was entertaining or not. This process will earn you 2 SB. Daily Offers, however, provide you with numerous offers which you may choose whether to sign up or skip them. What you are required to do is to try each and every suggestion given on a particular day. Daily offers don’t always exceed 10 in total. Also, by choosing to either submit the information you have or skip the process, you get your 2 SB.

What are Swag Codes?

Swag codes provide members with an easy way of earning from this business. The trick usually works when the user installs what is known as the Swap button. The switch is responsible for noting members through the button itself or mobile apps when a new Swag Code has gone live. Both the mobile app and the toolbar are responsible for alerting the member on whatever location to search for the swag code. Such sites may include Instagram, Twitter or Facebook. You are required to find the code that is always within the latest posts and type it on company’s website which is, into the toolbar, or even the app to earn SBs.

Swagbucks Watch

The Swagbucks Watch is a platform similar to YouTube that is found on the website. It is ordinarily known as Watch. The same platform comes in apps for mobile phones and is known as the Watch mobile app. I would recommend members to get this app instead. In this platform, members can earn as many as 500 SB points every day. It is fascinating here because one can as well open Swagbucks Watch on a separate tab and decide to mute it while they continue with their businesses. The fact is that some of the videos available may also be interesting enough to watch. Such videos may include recipes and news stories. However, with the mobile app, you can plug your phone to power as you look at the videos. Another easy way to earn using the mobile app is by installing the Swagbucks TV app.

Swagbucks Discover

Swagbucks Discover platform is perfect for those who would want to achieve the most out of Swagbucks. Under this platform, several offers are made available. Most of them are paid while others are free. Even though paid offers the best payout, using them to maximize the number of points you receive from them is crucial. You are always advised to perform the math. For instance, if each Swagbuck equals $.01, then consider doing offers that will ensure that you get more money than you spend on them.

After all, this is said and done it really revolves around your areas of interest and what are you willing to do that will keep your interest, I found that SwagBucks just wasn’t for me, I found a place called Wealthy Affiliate and absolutely enjoy my time there. It really is what you are interested in and that is, in my experience, the key to making you successful at anything you do.


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