Source Wave University by Alex Becker and Greg Ortiz

Alex Becker’s Source Wave University happens to be an extensive course which is aimed at training one on how to make money online via building a collection of sites known as the Private Blog Network (PBN). The course will also ensure that you are taught about niches and local marketing. Within the outline of the course, Source Wave University focuses on both black and gray hat SEO.

The traditional SEO is quite different from both black and gray hat SEO and really there is no such thing as complete white hat even though people promote that there is, after years of experience I can prove what I am saying and show that if anyone says they are 100% and ranking their websites then I can easily show why they are not. According to Google themselves.

White Hat Gray Hat Black Hat
Only Natural Links Any type of Link promoting Spam Links
Content Driven Link Outreach Purchased or Scraped

There is a very cost-effective method that I suggest you do a run through before you get MarketHero. This will add a valued understanding of what the based foundation needs to be so you don’t waste money….Take it from a person who has experienced Source Wave

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What are the Pros of Source Wave University?

  • One is the quality of the training offered on SEO with its focus shifted entirely to PBN.
  • The second is the quality of support provided by this SEO training….I really enjoyed Stephen Floyd’s training
  • Stephen Floyd’s training is very thorough
  • Talks about the use of Market Hero Email Service

What are the Cons of Source Wave University?

  • PBN itself is risky, and one can easily lose his or her entire business.
  • The whole initiative is not for a total beginner in the field.
  • It does take an investment on your part just to start out after the training.
  • Some of what Greg says is out of date and is not very detailed to give you a 100% clear vision of what to do.
  • Alex Becker could have spent more time trying to teach the funnel technique rather than trying to sell other Source material
  • Greg tells you to use certain links which he is an affiliate of so he can make sales and they are not the best quality anymore.
  • They tend to push the trainees to use Source market of what is now known as Konker….this makes them sales and does not help you.

My Take on the Advantages of Source Wave University

With Alex’s Source Wave University together with the PBN, one can easily make a good lump sum of cash in a day alone. You can go from $100 – $200 a day. It is so because the training offered by Alex teaches one on how to dwindle with the search engine to make their business soar their ranks and also drive traffic to their websites. Traffic is the key to online businesses, and this is the fundamental concept that anyone who mainly wants to market on the internet understands so.

My Take on the Disadvantages of Source Wave University

You can enjoy the advantages of PBN as much as your site can accommodate you. On the contrary, when it so happens that Google spots your site as using PBN, there is a significant possibility the site will get penalized, and the owner of the site stands a chance of losing the business and the resources invested in the site. I also have to assure you that Google is working day and night on this issue. This is one reason most people do not prefer using the PBN since they are afraid of losing their investments.

Phoenix Source Wave – A Source Wave Product

In case you are many online marketers, you might have possibly received Facebook or Twitter updates about the impending launch of Source Phoenix. What is therefore behind the Source Pheonix?

With the launch of Phoenix, several people have raised concerns whether the product meets the requirements of their businesses. The truth, however, remains that this product is pretty impressive. There are already three SEO’s who are making as much as $100,000 per month.

What are the Pros of Source Phoenix?

  • It is made by people who happen to be making lots of money from what they teach.
  • It is also an all-encompassing SEO product. It can be used by both beginners and the exceptional individuals.
  • It also provides a two-months money guarantee

What are the Cons of Source Phoenix?

  • Within this Source Wave product, some of the links for navigation are broken.
  • It also has an increasing point of pricing that may put it beyond affordability for most people.
  • It is also particular that the Source Wave find little value in Phoenix’s first module.

My Take on Source Phoenix

The first step when you come around any internet marketing product is to bring into action the information found within carefully. First and foremost, you must understand that Source Phoenix is integrated with a private Facebook group. You have to, therefore, turn this knowledge into results if you take the liberty for an open source website builder.
Consider the disadvantage that most people won’t, however, take the liberty to read the content of what this source wave has. If you think the same will work for you when it comes to Source Phoenix, then please don’t invest in it.

My Take on the Advantages of Source Phoenix

When one takes the sources provided by this Source Wave and puts it into practice, Source Phoenix will turntable for you. It will turn your life and position you into financial freedom. Your success will also be doubled. There are those who have made large amounts of money as a result of the same. I know that there are those who will buy SP and turn their businesses into a money making spree.

Conclusion on Source Wave University

I would advise business personnel to try and diversify their portfolio. They should decide whether they would go for the gray hat SEO like PBNs or another like the Phoenix. No proper training is required, and one should realize that the training is quite vigorous. On the contrary, all the provided training are centered around PBNs.

With all the available tools for building private blog networks, Source University and other products come with massive benefits. People make money using these products, and one should not leave behind either. SEO experts using such products will tell you that they produce more than $100,000 in a month. On the contrary, the problem comes with Google, and they are on the watch for such black hat projects. They would always do their best to ensure that they capture businesses venturing into Source Wave University SEOs.

Source Wave Support System

They have a support system at Source Wave University which is a Facebook closed group to only members who have paid for Source Wave, this feature is very effective when you are on the go and need some advice about your SEO or just about anything.

Source Wave Facebook Group

There is a very cost-effective method that I suggest you do a run through before you get MarketHero. This will add a valued understanding of what the based foundation needs to be so you don’t waste money….Take it from a person who has experienced Source Wave

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Case Study of a Client SEO Trained by Alex Becker

One business owner, Stephen, gives his account on how he managed to be a successful client SEO. Although his account is not that much comprehensive to answer most of the questions posed by other interested individuals, the truth is that he has been extremely successful in his business. He was trained by Alex and Gregory.

People like Kotton Grammar and Stephen Floyd work closely with Source Phoenix and now in 2016-2017 Source Wave University Alex Becker works with Greg Ortiz who is now the go-to guy for Alex Becker as Stephen Floyd is a full-timer for OMG or better known as the One Man Gang.

Stephen Floyd claims that the training process is a preparatory tool and is not exclusive to Source University. When one means to be faithful to the particular business they intend to undertake, seriousness about the internet business must be considered. They training ensure that the firm grows and that the owner is committed to providing the same. He starts that it is quite a dumb thing that most people in the industry will advise you to avoid PBNs at all costs. The truth is that PBNs are crucial for your online marketing growth and an efficient method gear`ed towards producing results quicker than the traditional SEOs.

Best Place to Go to for Affiliate and SEO Learning

Although my #1 recommendation for training is Wealthy Affiliate and learning a solid foundation for all of them, especially with a free trial.

Advice For Success

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