What Exactly Is My Millionaire Mentor?

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This is a program offered by Ryan Mathews. Mathews claims that over the past several years, he’s made between $1,000 and $5,000 each day by working online from the comfort of his home. He’s made nearly $12,000,000, in fact, and he’s happy to show off his sweet cars and killer San Diego home. This review will examine the tactics used by My Millionaire Mentor and discuss the legitimacy of their business model. Can you make money online using this program?

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There is a very cost-effective method that I suggest you do a run through before you waste time with anything else. This will add a valued understanding of what the based foundation needs to be so you don’t waste money.

ryan mathews millionaire mentor


How Much Does My Millionaire Mentor Cost?

Mathews doesn’t give out his secrets for free. While he’s happy to share some tips with the internet, he charges $49 as a “discount price” that “won’t last.” That’s just the tip of the iceberg here. The program charges you more and more money the further you go. After gaining access to the program for $49, you have to pay $89 to host your “personalized website” – a required fee to progress – and then more and more opportunities for paid training and programs within this system that Ryan Matthews offers.

Are There Any Other Costs Associated with My Millionaire Mentor?

Upselling seems to be the favorite tactic of the mentor program. After the first $138, here are some of the things you can sign up for:

· $97 per month for an “inner circle” membership* $97per/ month for an “elite earners” membership.

· $97 per month for My Millionaire Mentor to help with your marketing emails’ $194 for a phone script.

I wish I was joking.

They charge almost $200 for a script you can use to market its products over the phone. They offer packages with all of these things included (and a few more) for just under $2000. That’s a pretty big upsell from $138.

As if this wasn’t enough, the mentor program requires you to actually hold physical inventory. That’s right – to sell their products to people, you have to buy them yourself first.

What About The Mobe $500 Guarantee?

This steep buy-in is offset by a $500 guarantee. Mathews offers to personally pay you $500 if his program doesn’t work out for you. If he paid out, the $138 buy-in wouldn’t be so bad. You might even be tempted to spring for a few of the pricier upgrades, as long as you keep your total cost under $500. But will Mathews payout?

Who Is Ryan Mathews the millionaire?

Ryan Mathews is the name of a San Diego football player. The Ryan Mathews who runs My Millionaire Mentor also claims to be from San Diego, but there’s no record of his existence anywhere. You can’t look him up in the phone book or find a Facebook or LinkedIn profile with a hint of legitimacy.

This fake persona allows My Millionaire Mentor to hide from the people it’s defrauded. After you’ve watched the intro video and forked over the cash, that money is gone. You’ll never collect on Mathews’ $500 guarantee.

Are The Reviews about the Millionaire Mentor that You See Real?

It’s not too hard to find a written review or even a video testimonial for My Millionaire Mentor that tells a success story. Things start to get suspicious when you look closer, however. A cursory look at sites like Fiverr reveals that many of the same people who promote the mentor program actually sell video testimonials to anyone who’ll pay them on the web. This certainly casts a lot of doubt about the legitimacy of this program.

The system barely tries to hide its dishonesty. Mathews claims he’s only letting 50 people into his program. How many of the spots are taken? Are there 43 seats filled with 7 vacancies?

How long has it been like this?

Beware of How Scammers Operate Online

Scammers learn from many different sources how to deceive people who are searching for the term “make money programs”.  Many individuals practice these unethical techniques over and over again as these techniques are not new but just a revised version of themselves.

If you didn’t know better or have never experienced something like this you could fall victim to online frauds.

If you pay close attention research topics by reading reviews such as this one then you can easily understand the difference and also understand that you can even make websites for free just to practice and once you are done then just transfer it to a hosting service such a GoDaddy or CheapName.

How do you make money with MOBE or other Ryan Mathews programs? 

One of the shadiest things about the whole operation is how difficult it is to figure out what the trainees actually do to make money.

It turns out that this program involves marketing physical products and a club called millionaire mentor club. You have to actually buy them and hold inventory. The quality of the products isn’t great. They’re overpriced. Not only does this make them difficult to sell, but it also means that you have to spend money just to have products to market. This increases the cost of the My Millionaire Mentor program and ensures that no matter what you do, Ryan Mathews gets his money.

How Does My Millionaire Mentor make money?…..Well that was a mouth full of M’s….ha

Signing on to the My Millionaire Mentor program costs you money – money you pay to Ryan Mathews. He then sells you overpriced products under the pretense that you’ll turn around and market them to other people. It’s a great program – for him. By making a fake persona, uploading a few videos, and buying some testimonials from Fiverr, he’s created a system where people practically mail him money.

So, Is My Millionaire Mentor a Scam? 

There’s no doubt about it. While it might be possible for someone with absolutely killer marketing skills to make money selling this program’s products, that same person could make even MORE money doing affiliate marketing, drop selling or even working in sales at a local business.

Between the steep start-up fees, the constant up-selling and the terrible products, it’s incredibly difficult to find any margins working under My Millionaire Mentor.

This is assuming you’re an absolutely incredible salesman. If you’re not, you’re just going to give Ryan Mathews $139 and never sell a thing.

This isn’t even a new scam. My Millionaire Mentor was created from the ashes of other programs created by well-known scam artist Matt Lloyd. It’s essentially a re-branding of the My Online Business Empire program, abbreviated MOBE. MOBE was so widely spread that Lloyd has renamed it once in the past to MTTB in an attempt to continue defrauding people. All they did was to just another name for the same scam, unlike That LifeStyle Ninja who has been crazy helpful in what he does.

My Millionaire Mentor Reviews by Others

With false testimonials, a fake $500 guarantee and a false identity used to promote the brand, My Mentor is probably the most fraudulent “get rich quick” scheme on the internet. Do not fall for it. My Millionaire Mentor makes its money by preying on people who want to get rich quickly.

Not only does the program give you terrible value for your money, but the products you’re supposed to market are also very weak and overpriced, and the business model you’re supposed to follow doesn’t make a lot of sense. Stay away from the My Millionaire Mentor scam. It’s not worth your money or your time.


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