Mission Statement – My Promise To You

Here at CheapStartUpBusiness.com, the mission is to give you to very best information that I possibly can to aid you in achieving your dreams or just being able to create your own website if you already have a business. Aiming to help to build Word Press websites, affiliate marketing, starting an online business, becoming your own boss, learning SEO, how to get website traffic, social media marketing, ways to avoid online scams, what are value added programs to learn from, and what are not value added programs. I know you may not even know what these words mean but I promise you by the end of my tutorial you will fully understand each term and how to use it to earn you money.

This Website Is For

This site is for everyone, whether you already have a business or you are just starting out trying to find out how to have a second income and maybe even a full-time career of working online to live your dreams. That is the original reason that I first started searching for a better life, I always knew that there was something better for my family and I.

I have been through many online training courses from very value added programs to programs that were just a waste of money; I feel that it is my job to accurately inform you about all areas that I can so that you save money but get the very best value for the money that you do spend.

As I do promote some products of this website, I would like to say this, If you happen to purchase something that I recommend, I am sure you will love it as much as I do however that is not the primary reason I started this website. I would rather provide everyone with valuable information to help you with any of your goals in hopes that you will spread the word about CheapStartUpBusiness.com and help this website grow so that I will be able to help as many people as I can.

It seems that we have lost our understand of what is a legit program that adds value to your life. There are so many malicious claiming programs or scams that de-value the credit of the good value added programs. It is critical to me to reach out and help give an understanding the difference between the false claims and the truly value added programs.


“The only place where success comes before work is in the dictionary.”

Always Willing To Lend A Hand

If I can help out in any way at all, then please leave me a comment on the website and reach out to me, I will be glad to help in any way that I can. If you leave a comment, it usually takes me a few hours to respond unless I am on the site updating it but I do get emails to let me know if someone has commented so I try to get back to everyone as quick as possible.