That LifeStyle Ninja – Kevin David 


Who the FOOK is that guy?

Let’s say that you had a great start launching an Amazon product then capitalized on that then turned around & had great success with Facebook ads along with Shopify.

Sound like a myth right, for most people but for Kevin, it came naturally. 

So who is Kevin David exactly?

Just in case you have been living under a rock lately, he is a fast-growing widely successful entrepreneur who has a strong YouTube following & to give a real quick glance, here is a great video he made about haters.

After this brief intro for those who don’t know Kevin, we are going to give you all the insights of what is inside of his most famous courses that have turned average every day people into millionaires.

At the bottom of this article is a free gift for everyone so for those that catch it, you’ll love it.



Have you ever wondered how you can succeed as an entrepreneur, start your own business online, and not have to struggle?

Well, this isn’t always easy.

What is always easy is that you can quickly start working your tail off and fail instead of succeeding, but there’s one man that has decided to share his numerous trade secrets of success that brought him to a $2-million-dollar net worth status in just a matter of a couple of years.

His name is Kevin David, and he has helped hundreds of thousands of people successfully quit their jobs and start legitimate businesses online as well as help people with their side hustles.

Here, we’re going to explain some amazing information about how Kevin David helped me, and how using the information in this guide, you can find your way to success as well using the information provided right here!


Kevin David Courses


Let Me Give You A little History About How I Met Kevin David

Back in 2018, I had the pleasure of meeting Kevin David during the OMG live in 2018, but unlike most people, it wasn’t actually at the event, but it was outside during a fun night of entertainment. I noticed a lot of people talking to him & I was hanging out with of few of my high-level SEO buds so we thought, who is that?

Actually have no idea who he was at the time. after a while, he and I started talking about marketing & I was shocked at how much we had in common.

That had to be a lucky time in my life because he decided to drop some of his deep trade secrets with me and expert advice.

After hitting it off almost immediately, I discussed my expertise working in automation and he started talking about chatbots, and how he used them to get his start.

By combining the wonderful features of ManyChat along with professional business strategies, ambition, and automation himself, he was able to build a networked empire that helps save literally hundreds of thousands of people make money using platforms.

Such as his dropshipping Shopify store, utilizing the Amazon FBA program, and most importantly social media like Facebook, Instagram, and even Twitter in order to become as successful as he is today. Yet rather than being like most people who become marketing giants, he decided to help others.

He created premium courses so fellow entrepreneurs just like you (if you’re reading this, it can be well assumed that you are one and you’re here because of it), and even myself succeed.

I received a ton of this knowledge from a guy I didn’t even know, who treated me just like anybody else and was a really down to earth person.

It was that exact moment and conversation that inspired the reason you’re here today – to use various business avenues and earn a killing making passive income using the same tools that I use in order to pass on the valuable lessons Kevin David shared with me.


Multiple Courses for Multiple Means

As mentioned before, Kevin David has amazing courses, and you can literally go onto his YouTube and watch a ton of video guide he’s made on how to make your own profitable business on various platforms, as well as provide excellent business secrets to success that many others won’t share.

We’re going to explain some of these courses below in more detail, so you know where you can evolve once you find your niche, and become a part of the movement to freedom called THATLifeStyleNinja.



Kevin David Shopify Course


There are a ton of people trying to be successful at teaching you how to truly be a business moniker from Shopify, by teaching you how using the awesome dropshipping platform worked for them, and even providing some half-decent tips that may (or may not) help you succeed in your endeavors.

Kevin David, however, wanted to put a stop to people’s failure, so he created his Shopify Ninja Master Class course.

The course has come a long way, and right now, the course has even decreased in price as David knows that people need the knowledge he can share and wants to give it to the fellow Ninjas out there who want to get their start in the industry.

In the past, you had to pay a one time fee, and now you can actually divide the course into 3 consecutive payments in order to get the entire course.

Even better, you can view numerous helpful tips on his YouTube that provide excellent information that is shared in his course, but you have to pay to get the premium content.


Kevin David Shopify Course

Upon buying the membership, you have five unique modules in which each one has a ton of videos. Some people were surprised that he was able to crunch so much information into the number of videos he has listed, so you’re getting an absolute TON of content compared to many of the other courses out there.

In these five modules, you’ll learn the following:

  • How to properly find profitable products to sell on Shopify with a dropshipping store
  • Dropshipping Suppliers information guide on how you can find the right supplier for you.
  • Using Shopify store to its fullest with Shopify Store Optimization
  • Exploding into the marketing scene by combining Marketing with your shopify store
  • Scaling your Shopify store for success, and how to expand it properly.
  • An excellent mini-course that provides you a ton of content
  • Bonus member’s only features like clickfunnel training, amazon merchandise tips, and other short videos that are only for the true Ninjas out there.


You’ll get a humongous guide to finding a new niche for you, discover new trends, lessons on how to create a business that specializes in made to order, and print on Amazon demand business, a free DoneForYou funnel download, and a long video about how to blow up your sales tenfold by utilizing Clickfunnels.

All of these lessons are much better than the average Shopify course that you’ll find anywhere else, and the topics that are covered in discreet detail provide the best possible ways to customize and tailor your business to meet your needs and improve your success.

Get Free Shopify Training Here


Amazon FBA Course


Kevin’s Amazon FBA Ninja Course is very much like his other courses, showcasing his amazing skills as a marketer, and teaching you valuable information based on numerous standpoints that can help you in any level of your Amazon business creation.

This is a larger course than the Shopify store course and has 8 modules that can help to maximize your success and increase your profit margin, revenue, and your return on investment. Not only will you learn his secret to success, but you’ll learn how to tailor your marketing venue to your own business needs and desires by teaching you the following:

Amazon FBA Kevin David


  • Laying out the right foundation to get proper business licensing and how to choose the right products from the beginning.
  • How to research product codes, select a supplier, and order your very first shipment.
  • Getting your brand registered, how to set your price properly and format your item listing to target more buyers.
  • How to launch your product with giveaways, discounts, and use AMS to your advantage.
  • A guide about the importance of reviews and how they are one of the most important that determines your rankings. It explains how to utilize e-mail marketing and understanding how to utilize Facebook group integration to increase reviews. Note: This is one of the shortest segments, but it is one of the most crucial for success, and the knowledge shared is golden.
  • All you need to know about the AMC and the PPC advertising methods.
  • How to use Instagram to influence followers and how to properly target on Facebook.
  • Numerous little hacks that will help make your Amazon FBA Business Bulletproof.


By using the information given in the course, you can get hands-on experience and training in the right direction to seriously skyrocket your Amazon FBA business and become a true Amazon FBA Ninja.

Get Free Amazon FBA Training Here 


Facebook Ads Course


It is no surprise that you’ll need to incorporate advertising at any point in any business journey you’re going to start once you find your niche, whether it’s Amazon, Shopify, affiliate marketing, or something else. Millions of people are on Facebook every single day, and believe it or not, people actually do use and click on the Facebook ads you see featured more than you may realize.

The downside is that most businesses don’t know how to get started as a marketing ninja to help utilize Facebook Ads, and that’s why Kevin David offers a master course in this, so you can know it inside and out.

You’ll learn numerous advanced tactics through a 5-star 6 module course that feature the following:

  • Module 1 – Understanding Facebook™ Ads & What Works + Vocabulary You Need To Know + The Power Of The Ninja Pixel Strategy!
  • Module 2 – How To Go From Complete Beginner Ta Facebook™ Ad Ninja + The Only Campaign Types You Need!
  • Module 3 – How To Create Your Ultra Targeted Audiences That Will Skyrocket Your Business (The Secret To Becoming a Master Advertiser!)
  • Module 4 – How To Create Copy + Creative That Converts Like Crazy (Become A Copyrighting & Ad Image Expert Quicker Than You Thought Possible!)
  • Module 5 – How To Make a Ton Of Money Without Needing Your Own Product (Create Your Own Ad Agency Even Without Any Experience!)
  • Module 6 – How To Retarget, Optimize & Scale To The Moon!
  • Pixel Ninja, The Ninja Ad Compass, & The Ultimate Ninja Checklist!
  • **Bonus Modules
  • ***Additional Bonuses!


Kevin David Facebook Advertsing Course


Things that this great course talks about, a little more in-depth:

  • How to properly and completely understand Facebook Ads and learn what works, plus numerous lingo that you have to know, and how to use the Facebook Pixel to your advantage for success
  • Know how to go from a Facebook noob all the way to an expert Facebook Ad ninja and teach you types of campaign types to use.
  • Creating the right targeted audiences that will help your business fly high using advertising the right way.
  • How to make the right copy for your Facebook Ads and how to become a copywriting an Ad designer quickly and efficiently.
  • How you can make income using Facebook Ads without needing your own products to sell. You can literally use this module to learn how to become your very own Advertising Agency for yourself and others.
  • How to make sure that your Facebook Ads won’t fail you by re-targeting the right way.
  • Bonus content includes how to make a Facebook Ads funnel and use advertising psychological tricks to your advantage for success, how to use Instagram for your interactivity with Facebook Ads, and how to use Facebook Messenger bots plus clickfunnels in order to maximize your gains.


The only thing is that clickfunnels and Facebook Messenger bots is the way that he got his start on the road to success in his marketing, and there isn’t that much information on it (although I am grateful for that deeply shared information!)

Get a Free Facebook Ads Training Here 



Digital Course Secrets


Now we get into the nitty-gritty course that can help you the most in any business endeavor you decide to choose, no matter if it’s one here or any other. Even freelancers can greatly learn how to create and run their own business with this course, so they can join the millions of Ninjas who are maximizing their lifestyle using the information that is provided.

It is the ultimate business PR guide that will help you create a successful business from the ground up, and is one of his newest courses featuring 6 amazing modules packed full of professional advice and information as follows:


  • Chapter 1: Choosing Your Course Niche
  • Chapter 2: Building Your Tribe
  • Chapter 3: Validating Your Course Idea With Real-World Data
  • Chapter 4: Organizing, Pricing, & Building Your Course For Explosive Growth
  • Chapter 5: Technological Evolution
  • Chapter 6: Marketing Mastery
  • Bonuses!
  • Additional Bonuses!
  • Marketer University


Kevin David Digital Course Secrets


Things that this great course talks about, a little more in-depth:

  • Every business must choose a niche that fits them and creates one that will be self-sustaining so you never run out of a target audience.
  • How to become a course creator in your niche and share your expertise in that venue with your target audience the right way.
  • How to properly validate the ideas for your course so you can succeed in getting customers and help them to completely understand how your course can help them.
  • How to properly price and outline your course to keep your customers wanting more.
  • How to use the right technology so that you can have a completely automated course that people can purchase.
  • Using the right marketing tactics in order to maximize your marketing to those who can and want to buy your course.
  • Bonus content – Getting your students the right incentive to promote your course and help you raise a real army of successful entrepreneurs that can promote your course and get gains themselves.
  • Another Bonus – Using Facebook Messenger chatbots in order to interact with your customers the right way
  • Bonus number 3 – How to make a fully automated webinar that literally works to make you passive income all the time which helps to promote all of the above-listed secrets and all of the other courses we discuss here.


Get Free Digital Course Secrets Here 


How These Avenues are Growing for 2020

In this section, we’re going to show you the estimated possibilities for success and growth just by the year 2020 alone, not to mention give you some information that you can get success online even more in the future if you use these tools the right way.

  • Shopify Growth by 2020
    Shopify has made a major killing as their stock skyrockets to make massive capital gains since it started as a measly little online store in 2006. It hit a major boom in increase by 2018 with more than 800,000 businesses using the shopping platform worldwide and having a gross income that has become a multi-billion dollar industry. It is expected to nearly triple in 2020, and almost every online platform, including drop shippers are some of the most common ways to get income using the site and there is no end to it in sight.


  • Amazon FBA in 2020 Expectancy
    Perhaps one of the oldest online venues possibly on the internet and definitely the most successful, even with the changes of tide, Amazon FBA will be one of the most profitable margins of sellers and business entrepreneurs worldwide, generating far more income for small business owners than one of the oldest sites online – eBay.


  • Facebook Ads 2020 Guide
    Facebook Advertising is the most profitable advertising in the world. This makes perfect sense, because Facebook has utilized advertising over the years to reach target audiences for products, and also to remain a “free service” for billions of members who are online at any given time. It’s also the way to reach the most people in your target audience, followed by a close second runner up – Google Ads.


Where Do I Start?

If you’re wanting to get your start in your own entrepreneurship for an automated business future, you’ll definitely want to look into Amazon FBA and even being an Amazon Affiliate. By combining this with the rest of the automation process like chatbots, you can greatly increase your success rate.

Of course, this isn’t a get rich quick scheme, you have to put dedication and time into it, but when you do, the results are amazing as you watch the numbers roll in.

As mentioned above, Facebook is one of the most successful platforms out there when it comes to reaching people every minute of every day. Using chatbot marketing, you can increase your capital gains, fully blow your return on investment (ROI) through the roof with the right training course, and learn how to use various tools to automate your business for success which completely pays for itself, and gives you the bonus!


Digital Course Secret Success Stories

There are skeptics out there that question the legitimacy of these kinds of courses, but we can assure you that Kevin David is no scammer. He’s just a master marketer that has decided to share his knowledge so anyone else can join the revolution.

You can find numerous success stories and faithful followers who have become a part of ThatLifestyleNinja and are in the winner circle.

You can find literally hundreds of their stories online & through YouTube.


How Can Chatbot Mastery Help?

The major key to Kevin David’s success in reaching people is by using chatbots, primarily ManyChat in order to achieve success. If you think about it, nearly 6 billion people are online at a given time with Facebook Messenger, and this includes whether they’re on their mobile devices or even their home computers.

That means that the majority of the world takes its Facebook Messenger with them!

Because of this, having the right training in setting up a ManyChat bot from a reputable expert can make the total difference in your success as a marketer.

NOTE: This course is closed & will remain closed…chatbots are dead!

Shane Welcher Messenger Marketing Secrets


The only downside to Kevin David’s story is that it is now 2019, and some of his information is actually a couple of years old when it comes to his courses.

That’s why it’s important that you know how to utilize his course properly because most of it is still valid. The only things that really change are some of the platform terms and conditions (like Amazon changing the way it does things, or updates to ManyChat and other chatbots, as well as Facebook Ads changes and the way they run things since earlier this summer).

With that being said, you want the best training in order to make your chatbot work for you and be a powerhouse virtual assistant, mastermind subtle advertising architect, and even a technical support and customer service representative for you.

In our ManyChat Master Course, you can get a full-blown course that helps you in starting a successful chatbot from scratch from a professional who has had over 15 years in the automation industry and uses those secrets along with Kevin David’s advice in order to teach you every detail.

Every business is completely different, just like you and me, and because of this, you should learn how to maximize your revenue and capital, which can be done from the beginning using a chatbot and other automation tactics to become a Smart Bot Marketer yourself!

Get Your No-Cost Chatbot Training Here

Automation is Key So Enter – Marketer Magic

One of Kevin’s latest releases is one that is a gift to any marketer because these are tools that he has used to grow his business from 1 million to 100 million dollars within a years’ time….impressive to say the least.

I have personally swapped over to start using marketer Magic & did a full training series to show everyone to complete value…..absolutely amazing stuff.

Check is out here to see that full training:

Either visit — Marketer Magic or get the full training through my chatbot at All my free training topics in my Chatbot

We don’t stop there either.

You can have access to discounts and promotional features, as well as get tips and tactics using automated applications online that can literally get you more income extremely easy.

while learning to utilize things like adding emotion and personality to your chatbots and marketing campaign, integrating e-mail marketing and other avenues, and how to incorporate all of the above.

The key is using the right web applications like Zapier, and even get potential leads from products like Marketer Magic for your future success!


Kevin David Marketer Magic

Join Kevin’s Map Program

On a Final Note

While you are taking the chatbot course, you’ll get additional professional information at the same time which you’ll learn how to become a master marketer, you can also learn how to be just as successful as Kevin David himself.

Of course, you may not be a multimillionaire by next year, but if done correctly, you’ll get the benefit of having all of the amazing tools and training at your arsenal that can get your business, generate leads, and help to possibly reach your ROI by up to, or even over 400 percent!

We hope that this was worth your time, as it definitely was worth ours to share this valuable advice to you!


Get your free gift at no-cost: Video-based Chatbot course



Being that most people skim through….Kevin David is looking for someone to do his SEO for him.
Someone please reach out & help the man, he really is a good dude at heart so I wish him the best.

Guess what some haters said on a YouTube comment on one of my accounts?

Kevin David YouTube Hater

Bet you really want to see that huh?

The guy is named Alex & he has zero followers on YouTube but goes around bashing people to get attention then adds affiliate links in the comments below the bashed person…largely because he has no other way to get attention besides speaking down on someone else.

Of course, we here aren’t stupid either so we know that you are smart enough to right-click & view page source to get this image so we have edited the links.

Happy hunting…you will not find any hater talk from me.

Seriously people! Pointing out negative things about someone else is only going to bring negativity to you, why waste your energy on that when you could be doing something so much more productive?

Every day is an opportunity for you to better yourself, don’t waste it!

Every day you open your eyes is a gift…Make it count!