Who Is This Jason Capital?


While sort of a mystery man himself, there’s a guy who’s been around for a while in the digital marketing gig. He actually got his start back in the day though being popularly known as the guy who wrote the “How to Get Women to Notice You” eBook. He has also worked with many companies (I’ll talk about that all soon) in order to help consult and coach them in financial goals, life goals, and overall general wealth & wellness.

But who is he really?

There is really not much to know about Capital himself, but I was able to find quite a lot about his courses, about himself, and I’m going to explain his course as thoroughly as possible.




Who’s That Jason?


Okay, so I’ve touched base a little bit on who Jason capital is. Well, let’s get down to the rest of the claims. In general, this guy was a high school and college basketball star while he went to both. He then decided to “change his life” as many of us do, and saw a career change. How so? Consultation – one of the top industries in the world when it comes to payment.

Here’s some things that you may find if you do your homework on the guy who is Jason Capital:

First off, his real name isn’t disclosed (and it has been proven that nobody really knows his real name – although it’s been discovered by numerous people that his name isn’t his own). What many of us marketers know though, is that he became a millionaire by the ripe old age of 20 in 1998, and he was born in 1988. He is originally born and raised in Michigan.

After the success from his life as a dating coach, he grew from there and decided to do more for the rest of the entrepreneurs out there.

That’s where his expert courses come into play. As of 2018, his annual net worth is a whopping $2-million dollars.



Expert Courses? Some Positive Forces!


Alright, so I’m going to keep it super real with you, because you know that’s what I’m all about here. Jason Capital has some recognition in powerful places. He’s worked for some of really big names in the following places:

·       Fortune 500 Execs

·       Navy Seals (Yes, he’s coached some SEALS)

·       Professional Athletes

·       Some Famous Authors

Jason Capital was also recognized in 2018 as one of the Top 100 Entrepreneurs by the Whitehouse, and was even featured in magazines like Time, Entrepreneur, and Money Magazine.



Is Jason Capital a Scam Artist?


Of course, many marketers unfortunately hear this question and you’ll find mixed results. However, there are truly good reasons to believe that while he’s a marketer, his success is his own, and he does teach how to achieve it.

It’s up to the individual who’s taking his courses to see everything through until the end. He’s not a scam artist, and he is a pretty popular digital speaker. However, he’s got a few things that we found that can show you the positives (and even some flaws) in his courses.

Jason Capital email Marketer


Positive Things You Can Learn from Capital’s Courses


Becoming an e-mail expert is something that you can learn in his course, but there is a lot you can still take into heart that can help drive you home to being on your way as a marketer.

  1. You can get some great basic business consultation tips and sales ideas.
  2. Learn how to truly be successful online (results may vary of course).
  3. He has courses that can teach you how to be a great public speaker.
  4. He also teaches in one of his courses how you can fully unlock the power of e-mail to gain a lot more income, clients, customers, conversions, and more.


Email Automation Training

Email Automation

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So After Being in the Game Forever – He’s Still Only Worth $2M?


Yes, that’s the unfortunate thing that many resources claim. However, that’s still a pretty big number considering how anyone can benefit from his courses. There are a ton of flaws in his courses though, which is something that I try to ensure you don’t get from mine. Here’s a few of them:

  • He doesn’t operate as himself. Of course, many people have a pen name, but they’re pretty okay with letting people know who they really are. That builds success and trust.
  • If you watch any of his videos on YouTube or online that are from his actual personal speaking experience, he has quite a potty mouth, using a dozen (or more) expletives. Some people consider this realism, when in fact it is very unprofessional.
  • While he appeals to others as just a regular guy, that’s something that true professionals don’t do. Don’t present yourself as anyone other than you, but dress the part, walk the walk, and then you can deserve to talk the talk.
  • He isn’t really active and co