Is John Crestani’s Internet Jetset a Scam?

John Crestani, the well-known affiliate marketer with a higher public social profile, owns Internet Jetset (IJ). Due to his success in internet marketing, he has appeared in many online publications including Forbes that describe his story.

The story involves a college dropout that succeeded after filtering into the world of affiliate marketing. Apart from the Internet Jetset, Crestani also owns the Super Affiliate System website and Nutryst, a nutritional supplements affiliate network connecting affiliate marketers with Immersive Labs.

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Is John Crestani for Real?

Let me talk about how I failed….

What I encountered you may find interesting, I always wanted something greater than what I was doing in life but hit roadblock after roadblock. Which then turned to me becoming broke and feeling hopeless after going through many different programs and services.

I realized that the best way to try to have a better quality of life was to start building websites and doing affiliate marketing at Wealthy Affiliate but how was I going to do this after blowing all my money on Tai Lopez, Kevin David and Tony Robbins programs.

At this point, I was afraid that I was never going to achieve anything and all my money and effort was for nothing.

I even tried Affiliate marketing to get a free start from building websites but after pinching pennies to pay for their program I just about gave up. I then had another chance to give this thing a go since I got my tax return back and had a little bit to try one last push but I will talk about that at the end of this article.

Here is a quick breakdown of the top Internet Affiliate Training Systems online as of 2018

Wealthy Affiliate Internet JetSet Source Wave
Free Start Free Webinar Nothing Free
Low Premium Fees Low Premium Fees High Premium Fees
Free Website Hosting No Website Hosting No Website Hosting
Free Website No Free Website No Free Website
Custom Support Facebook Support Group Facebook Support Group
Step By Step Training Step By Step Training Step By Step Training

Internet Jetset Review

As described, Internet Jetset is a faster way of making money online. According to John Crestani, the author of the program, you just require access to, a Facebook account and a Paypal account to start earning money.

According to John Crestani, you can make around $3000 in a day. To start making money, you just need to download the entire program and follow the steps. Each day, you have to be on your computer for at least one hour.

Now let’s talk about John Crestani

John Crestani is the developer of the affiliate marketing program. According to him, he started with absolutely nothing but with time, he managed to make five-figure amounts each month.

Crestani believes that if he managed to start making the large amounts, anyone else can do it and this could be true if someone applies them self. Remember, with anything… the result will vary.

John Crestani has been using the program with to earn the six-figure digit income in a year. After mastering the program, you can also teach it to your friends so that everyone can benefit in the long-term. To start earning, there is no need of building a complex website. Alternatively, you will not invest a lot of effort to start earning online. You just need to set up the marketing campaign.

Here are some articles that John has been featured in, if you want to check them out.

-Forbes: How a 28-year-old got fired then made a half a million-dollar-a-month business while traveling the world

-Business Insider: How a 28-year-old got fired but then built a $500K-a-month business.

-Yahoo Finance: John Crestani, CEO of Nutryst,

Crestani has shown that you can use the Internet Jetset to set your marketing campaign on any platform. After setting up the campaign, you will only need to continually check and monitor your incoming money.

How the JetSet System Works

The Jetset system teaches several different methods of marketing in which as a custom to just what Crestani has done himself. As a marketer, you will learn how to deploy these methods and depending on your conversions, you can make quite a bit of money but results do vary.

Therefore, the system is a form of affiliate marketing. Even though you do not have to set up any business platform like some internet marketing places, you will be required to pay a $47 fee to purchase the program. You also required having a computer and an internet connection if you plan on trying to make this thing work. Seems like common sense but I just want to make it clear because it has been asked.

Internet Jetset Inside features:

– Making your first commissions within a 2 hour period after joining Crestani’s program

– A secret trick to help combine Facebook, Amazon for instant profit

– Removing “Shiny Object Syndrome,” which affect most online business owners

– The main factor that influences business owners to lose their focus

– The highest paying affiliate networks and how you should join them

– Getting free web traffic from Google

– Crestani’s long-tail, high volume, high-intent keyword trick

– Using Google Keyword Planner

Internet Jetset Xtreme features case studies, webinars, and interviews featuring top minds in the world of affiliate marketing.

This will add a valued understanding of what the based foundation needs to be so you don’t waste money.

What to expect in the Internet Jetset videos

Internet JetSet Videos

Video 1: in the video, Crestani interviews Ronnie Sandlin, a super-affiliate, who explains how he manages to make around $2000 in a day using Facebook advertorial blog posts and how to arouse a strong psychological response in every headline.

Video 2: in this video, Crestani interviews Taylor Blarr. Taylor explains how to make a passive 5-figure income within a month.

Video 3: in the video, Crestani teaches on the best way to sell skin care products through the online platforms.

Video 4: in video four, John is interviewing Carlos Cruz, another affiliate marketer, about how he manages to make $1200 in a day by selling flashlights.

Video 5: Crestani teaches on how to promote your gold investments through Google.

Video 6: in the video, John teaches the right way to market high blood pressure supplements online.

Video 7: Crestani interview a renowned copywriter, Ronnie Sandlin about the Blackhat Copywriting techniques.

Video 8: Crestani teaches on the proper way to market offers on credit repairs through blog posts. He also teaches on how to make over $80,000 in a day

Video 9: in the video, Crestani provides a 17-step copywriting template, which will influence people to buy.

Video 10: in the video, Crestani interviews Nick Chou, a Chinese super affiliate.

The Jetset pros and cons


Crestani has designed the program specifically for internet marketers which is much better than most programs.

In the member’s area, you will get a lot of information. John states that the results might not be fast because your earnings will grow depending on the level of experience but you have a very strong chance of success if you apply yourself.

Every strategy Crestani includes in the system is free and you do not have to spend your money on any other method. You can start a campaign within a few hours.

He offers Jetset live webinars that are a great benefit to get easy answered questions without any negative outcome.


– Crestani creates a lot of hype and if someone does apply themselves then the system not might work. Like anything you do, you must try at this

– The main product will cost you around $47 but if you need to access the Xtreme case study you have to pay for an upsell but it is worth it.

What is the problem with the Crestani’s Internet JetSet?

John Crestani is making many claims, and possibly, which may not help in improving your online business if a person isn’t serious so please make sure you are serious about success before joining any program.

Crestani can be making over $500k in a month from affiliate marketing so if you need to learn this field then why not from John? However, every program has elements that some people agree with and some do not. Going through this program will take a month or more, especially if you pay attention to detail…which I recommend.

What Crestani claims to teach is not just common knowledge within the affiliate marketing industry, it is very value-added and unlike other programs that I have been through.

Is Internet Jetset a scam?

You should fall for the John Crestani Scam???? Actually, many people have succeeded through affiliate programs, which represent varying opportunity levels for affiliate marketers. While most media platforms have documented the success of

Actually, many people have succeeded through affiliate programs, which represent varying opportunity levels for affiliate marketers. While most media platforms have documented the success of Cresani in the world of internet marketing exhaustively, and more people are willing to continue singing the praises of Internet JetSet and the other products worldwide.

**You must be vigilant against any affiliate marketing scam or MLM that have results similar to those of the pyramid schemes which Internet Jetset is NOT.**

You must be vigilant against any affiliate marketing scam or MLM that have results similar to those of the pyramid schemes which Internet Jetset is not. In fact here is a short clip of one the members with her story thanking John for his outreach.

Hired actress?

For each glowing Crestani and the affiliate marketing businesses review, there are some people questioning him and the methods but generally, those are the ones who haven’t tried Internet JetSet…..generally

Most of them have pointed to his prior attempts at entrepreneurship or employment as ethically or morally questionable, this happens with all internet businesses as once people start to succeed there is always someone waiting to try to belittle them & some of them purchase reviews from fivver or upwork.

Avoid the Launch Jacking Bonus Section

One thing I did not like about Internet JetSet is the launch jacking section which John has someone else doing the training and this section is very much offensive in my opinion. So if you choose to use the Internet JetSet program then I would not pay any attention to that bonus section called launch jacking.

This system is nothing like That LifeStyle Ninja

What really works and Has Helped over 100,000 People Get Their Start

Have you ever heard of chatbots & messenger marketing?

That is what is the solid money maker right now & even though you just heard a lot about John Crestani along with Internet Jetset I feel obligated to tell you the #1 way to become a succe