WordPress Theme – How to Change Themes

When it comes to a WordPress theme and what it means to how your WordPress website. It is the foundation to how your website will look. Not all WordPress themes are the same and other the same features, so it is best to test a few out or even get reviews for possible themes to use on your website. I have used many themes before and can tell you that in most free themes, you will have to know slightly more about some coding like simple CSS or HTML structure. Not all free themes now days require coding. However, the look and feel of the theme are what seems to be behind the times in my opinion.

What themes do I use

I use several different themes these days, from paid themes like StudioPress, Twenty Seventeen, and the Divi theme which is my favorite as of yet. I will say the paid themes are best to use to make your job easier are a website developer by cutting down on the editing and layouts but if you choose the correct free WordPress theme then it can be just as easy. The key things that help me when I have a problem and has helped me learn how to use different WordPress themes during my teeth cutting phase was with Wealthy Affiliate for the foundation but at times I did turn to YouTube for some quick user experiences.

Here is another quick video to show some of the next steps and how to choose a theme.

I hope watching this video helped you easily select a theme and understand what the differences are. This is just can be a very important feature when building your website and no worries if you select a theme that you do not like because it very easy to change and adjust to a different WordPress theme.

There are helpful places to go and learn how to make a WordPress website that give you a free website to start off with, If you read my review on Wealthy Affiliate. Then you will get a better understanding and also might interest you and remember that there are a few more sections below to check out before you move forward.

Please let me know if you found this helpful, I would love to hear your opinion so that I can make things better as time goes forth.

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