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When it comes to getting your WordPress website hosting, there are many options to choose from but you need to be careful when doing so. Do your research about hidden fees that are not all laid out when it comes to WordPress hosting cost. I have watched many YouTube training videos that say they use this service or that service and they probably do work fine but what you need to look at are a few key elements when it comes to getting the best out of what you are paying for.

WordPress Hosting Cost

The Top Items to Look for are:

  • Hosting cost for the Domain
  • Does it offer free SSL or in other words secure site ability
  • Additional fees for plugins
  • Additional fees for email services such for the WordPress site
  • Hosting company’s server speed
  • Ability to change hosting or transfer your site

This list is a list of a few top items but are not limited to, more to show you what are some key components that you need to know to save money. Generally, no matter which hosting company that you choose from the starting price is around $13 to $25 dollars per year. Keep in mind that this does not always include items such as the ones listed above.

To list a few of these WordPress hosting companies:

As all of these companies listed above, there is only one from my research that currently offers free SSL (Https status), free website email, and low-cost Domains and that is Wealthy Affiliate. From all of my research and findings of web hosting, Wealthy Affiliate does an excellent job with their support as well.

I will say that at first, I thought all web hosting was the same but I quickly learned that the cost keeps racking up as you go if you do not do your homework. Finally, I ran across Wealthy Affiliate and I have been very pleased so far with the site speed of their server and the no hidden fees. They may not be the best hosting company out there but for everything that I am doing right now, they are right on point.

I want to quickly speak about the SSL ability. If you are not aware of SSL then it is the ability to have a secure website which is better trusted from a search engine standpoint and also from anyone that has a website that sells anything. If you do not see the website’s address starting with https then do not buy anything from them because they are not secure. The unsecured version of the website’s URL is http so it is important to know that if you are interested in WordPress website hosting.

I look forward to hearing your thoughts on this so please leave me a comment.

I hope everything is going well and if I can help out in any way then please let me know.


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