Step By Step Guideline on How to Build a WordPress Website 

You have finally reached a decision that you want to build a WordPress website. However, there is one stumbling block that is preventing you from going ahead with your plans. You don’t know how to code, and you have never stepped into a programming class.


Thanks to WordPress, you can still go ahead to design and develop your website from scratch into a fully functional system. In fact, it will only take you less than an hour to complete this task. In this article, we are going to give you a step by step guide on how you can build a website using WordPress.

1. Get a web hosting plan

Before you start thinking about WordPress, the first thing that you need to think about is registering your website. In this step, there are two activities that you need to do. First, you should register your domain name. Secondly, choose a web hosting plan.

A domain name is a unique address that will identify your website. It can be something like “”. Web hosting plan, on the other hand, entails the services that you will get from your hosting company. These include memory space, speed, and even security features. Wondering about where to get hosting companies? Some of the most common WordPress web hosting partners include:

· Bluehost (

· Dreamhost (

· SiteGround (

All you need is to compare their rates and choose one that suits your budget.

When it comes to choosing a domain, select something that is short and memorable. Your customers should be able to remember it without hesitation. The easiest way of achieving this is by choosing a catchy domain. Try to buy one that is directly related to what your website is offering. This move will go a long way in boosting your SEO performance.

2. Set up the site

Now that the domain and web hosting plans are up, you can proceed to the next step which is all about setting up and tweaking your website. The first thing that you need to do is to install WordPress on your web domain.

I. Installing WordPress

There are two methods of WordPress installation; One-click installation and Manual Installation. Most reputable web hosting companies use the one-click plan and here is how to go about it.

• Log in to your web hosting account

• Go to the control panel option

• Look for the WordPress icon

• Choose the domain where you want to install the WordPress

• Click on the “Install Now” option and complete the installation

II. Choose a Template or Theme

After a successful installation, it is now time to choose how your website will appear. Of course, you would like to have a unique and attractive theme. To access the themes menu, first, log in to your WordPress dashboard. You will be able to see several navigation options including the one for customizing your themes. There are thousands of free WordPress themes that you can choose. You only need to click on the “Appearance” option.

Try out as many templates as possible till you find one that meets the needs of your website. There are different themes for different industries. A tem