Check Your Site With Google Developer Speed Test

If you are in the business of making websites or even if you are a beginner with building websites then you need to know and understand how to test your site speed and the best way is to use the well trusted Google Site Speed Test for developers. Just because it says for developers doesn’t mean that you have to be a developer of software or anything of that nature. Google’s developer section is for those who are making website or app for mobile phones.

On my very first website which is, I did a lot of work to make sure that there was plenty of high-value information on the site to be able to help everyone that I could with their health and fitness goals. However, there is one thing that I missed. The thing that I missed is my website loading speed which only helps in having the person reading it.

Google Developer Site Speed Testing

In other words, if you are making a website and ignore site speed then you will not get as many people looking at your website because it loads slowly and in today’s fast pace world, we tend to be in a rush so speed is everything. As soon as I figured out that there was a way to check this then I tried and well the results were shocking to me. My website’s loading speed was terrible but by using Google’s site speed test thenI was able to resolve the loading problems quickly.

How was Using the Google’s Site Speed Test an Easy Fix for me?

You might be wondering why I say that it was easy to fix the issues to get my website’s speed better. Well, this is because, in the site speed test that Google does, they give you exact what is wrong and exactly how to fix the issue. In most cases they even give you the files to fix the issues, I had a slow loading speed due to images that were bogging down my site so they had a file for me to use at the bottom of the site speed test that Google does and all you have to do is to download the files then replace them on your website.

This couldn’t have been any easier so with that said, thank you Google.

This is a very helpful tool the Google has that I highly recommend using for anyone that is building a website or even has a website that someone made for them. You do not have to be the person that made the website to do the test in the Google Developer’s section, all you need is a Google account that most us have anyway if you have an android device.

Google Out Did Themselves with this Free Tool

Using this tool gives you a free tool to turn to after any website edit that you do or any update that happens, making it a quick ad easy test and a one stop shop to knowing what to fix if the score is low. Google’s developer site speed test is not just for WordPress websites but for any style website as it checks css, image compression, javascript, and rendering blocks among other elements.

It is generally a quick test for any size website and is only limited by you or bandwidth but anything internet based is subject to your bandwidth. I was introduced to this free tool and have been using it as my go-to ever since.

Give it a try and et me know what you think. As a matter of fact, you can enter in Google site speed test in their search console.

I would love to hear your thoughts on this.


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