Website Rankings – Understanding What Search Engines Look For

Creating a website is the first step in getting the ball rolling on your online business platform so now that you have that done lets talk about what most people do forget about, website traffic and how to get it. The way your website to rank well is based upon a few different elements, there does seem to be some confusion or internet chatter that you can get instant rankings that last. Search Engines like Google have rankings can happen quick and be on page one or page two as soon as you post the content as publish only if you have done your keyword research and have not tried to over optimized the content by using to many keywords or outbound links.

My Experience with a Google Search

As far as the website rankings staying on page one or page two of a Google search, there are several things that Google looks for to make sure that the content that they allow on the first few pages are related to a search for your content’s keyword or phrase. The first is the use of outbound links, if you sue to many outbound links such as affiliate links then that is looked to be a pass through site and is not held as high in the rankings as a site with less outbound links.

The second is the proper use of keywords or phrases that you are targeting, it is often said to put keywords in certain spots on your content to be able to rank better in the search engines. However, what my experience tells me is that if you do not use the keyword to many times then the keyword placement can be anywhere throughout your content.


Page Authority

Page Authority is important in Google’s eyes so it should be in yours.

Domain Authority

Domain Authority is important in Google’s eyes so it should be in yours.


Trust Flow

Website Trust Flow – What is Trust Flow?


Inbound Links

Inbound Links are important to gain website trust.

Above Is a Few Major Indicators Known For Good Search Engine Rankings.

The only note that I would recommend is that you do not use the exact phrase for the keyword in every instance that you are using it. Meaning, if you have a keyword phrase that you are looking to use for better rankings then change the wording of the phrase or even separate the phrase. This will still be picked up by Google as a valuable search because they look for word used in their that relevant topic. Make sure that you make your content as informational and helpful to the reader as possible to get good rankings but also to add value to the person reading your content. In other words, the better website read time that you have then the more relevant you are to the keyword that you are using.