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Divi is a top rated and top selling WordPress theme by elegant themes. It features slick design and very powerful page builder ability. It is the best and most preferred choice of web designers and newbies /beginners alike. There are great sites that have been perfectly built with Divi. Elegant themes have a pack of 87 themes. Divi is the latest and one of the most effective and functional. This theme has great features that attract a lot of attention since it was released. It has a beautiful design and a wide range of features that makes it appear at the top of elegant themes list.

The Divi page builder is a great tool and feature that attracts most people. This theme is one of the best and few WordPress themes that feature a true front-end-page creator/builder tool with a point & click inline editing. Divi has outstanding feature that makes it very effective theme, we will discuss the best and leading features of Divi theme.


As soon as you install the Divi theme, some menu items are added to word press dashboard. This is under the appearance menu that allows you to efficiently configure the theme.

Options control panel

Under the appearance many, there are themes, add new, and upload. Under the best and most effective user interface, Divi theme option control panel is very powerful. Through settings and options you can easily upload your website’s logo, select one color palette, and set up social media integrations, find out how many posts are on the page, etc

There are other panel settings that make it absolutely simple and easy to control how your navigations work, configure global settings for general layouts, manage adverts and enable SEO settings if you’re not using dedicated SEO plugin.

Divi Appearance

This theme features the best appearance. Elegant themes theme has earned a great reputation and trust due to the fact that they offer a collection of 87 amazing themes. Most of these themes will appeal to most users. Divi theme is one of the most appealing themes. Of course, the theme looks great. This is a great improvement and achievement from the previous efforts. It incorporates a great number of popular elements of the best and most efficient premium WordPress themes. The features include large sliders, responsive design, full-width layouts, attractive icons, page layouts and full length and much more.

Unlike most WordPress themes, Divi is compatible with WooCommerce so any person building an eCommerce store with the theme can make use/utilize excellent appearances of this WordPress. Unlike most WordPress themes, this theme features several prebuilt layouts for any person creating and online store. If you have never used this theme, don’t hesitate to purchase the theme. This theme has different layouts that allow you to use the theme for several purposes. This can range from creating a sales page, web for a creative agency, several portfolio types, and multiple blog layouts among others. Divi features a very impressive design.

Drop page builder and Divi drag

One of the most important highlights of this theme in addition to the outstanding and impressive appearance and design is its drop page builder and Divi drag. These great features improve its usefulness and reliability. Since the release of Divi 3.0, the page builder has been updated and improved. You can now use these features to create perfect custom page designs for WordPress websites via live, front-end, point & click user interface.

Earlier, people used to create custom page designs at the back-end of WordPress website before they could switch to front end view. With the latest improvements, the work can easily take place at the front end of your website. This gives you instant response/feedback on your actions. New front-end Divi builder interface allows you to easily edit the content, use pop-up panels for effective customization of appearance and drag most items to the page so as to design the best content for the website.

You can use these custom designs for the inner page of your website and homepage as well. For you to get started, you just have to click on use Divi builder option on WordPress or page editor screen. Of course, you will have to start in the old back-end with options of launching new visual builder. Most people may also prefer new front-end builder interface in customizing appearances of your layouts. As soon as the Divi builder has been perfectly launched, it becomes very clear that this is not your average WordPress page creator/builder tool.

Divi Page Builder Modules

This is another great feature of Divi WordPress tool. This allows you to effectively create advanced layouts for your contents. It features multiple column and rows. It also features a varied selection of more than forty content modules. You can insert these modules into custom page designs and include other options including call to action buttons, media players, content sliders, testimonials, pricing tables and much more. You can easily customize these modules to suit your website. Most of these modules can perfectly replace the functionality of individual plugins. This will help you save a lot of cash and avoid overburdening your WordPress site with a great library plugins.

Templates and layout features

It is always good to create/build your own custom page designs. With Divi theme templates and layouts, you will have access to useful and impressive templates and page layouts. They’re pre-built and can easily be imported into your post and perfectly customized through drag & drop user interface. There are more than 20 layouts that allow you to perform different tasks from portfolio and page sections.

Pros of Divi theme

• Divi theme is an ideal WordPress theme for non-tech savvy online entrepreneur

• It is multi-purpose, perfectly designed for small business agencies, free lancers, online stores and magazines

• This theme allows you to easily craft great landing pages without the knowledge of CSS/HTML

• It is one of the most effective drag and drop page creators/builders. It features a good number of premade layouts and templates

• Great graphics and aesthetic design

• It is compatible with Aweber, Google maps, MailChimp, and WooCommerce but most importantly you get the Elegant Themes bloom plugin

• It offers lifetime updates and useful documentation for those new to WordPress platform. This theme offers a great value for your money.

If you have never used this WordPress theme, you need to buy and start using. It is one of the best and most effective themes you can ever find. It utilizes great features that help enhance performance and convenience.

This is the most widely used themes for websites to date.

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Divi WordPress Theme