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If you are in the affiliate market and looking for high paying affiliates in the health, fitness, or weight then one of my best experiences has been through Onnit. If you have never heard of Onnit then here is a quick run down, Onnit was started by Aubrey Marcus roughly 10 years ago and is a company that makes such products as Alpha Brain, Hemp Force protein, and a lot of interesting fitness equipment.



There are a lot of health and fitness affiliates that you can sign up for but not all pay as well and work with you as well as Onnit. I found them on a search that I did a while back and am an active customer of Onnit as well which also helps out with writing article for a website or even a Facebook post. The way you chose to use your affiliate marketing is best done with a website and not just through social media as this is somewhat looked down on due to abuse of unwanted ads to be helpful when you post anything to social media. It is best to have an honest business and an honest website in regards to affiliate marketing.


Why Should You Choose Onnit? The Best Supplements

Why you should choose Onnit as an affiliate is because they have high-quality images that they keep up to date so your website will look great if you use their images to link an affiliate through. When I first started, I looked for many different affiliates that I could use in my very first website which was, however, I found that it wasn’t as easy as I thought because of the conversion rates. You have to look at it like this. If you are the person writing an article or post about a product that you are promoting then you should get the most out of your money back for your time put into that article. Onnit has one of the only affiliate programs that pays up to 18% on every sale which is very good.

Let’s just say you had $100 worth of sales a month pass through your website, then you would receive $18 dollars for that month just from this that one affiliate however if you really put time into it and tried to make very added content for people then you could have $1000 of sales or more a month which is a much better profit.

Here is an example of one week of being an Onnit affiliate.

Payout Of Onnit Affiliate

Some affiliates only pay 2% up to %8 for a sale so your profit is much lower. Onnit pays much higher and is very easy to work with so if you are in a health or fitness niche then I would higher recommend checking them out. If you are interested in checking out Onnit as an affiliate to try out then here is a direct link to sign up to them which is just a freebie that I am handing out to try to give you a boost in affiliate marketing.

I hope that you choose to give Onnit a try, after all, ” You never know what you can accomplish until you try.”

And remember…The KEY to SUCCESS is getting started.

Let me you know if you have an interest in another area that I can give you a good affiliate recommendation so that you get the very best out of your affiliate marketing venture. I would love to hear your comment or question so please leave me a comment or contact me on my contact page.

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