Affiliate Marketing – Make Money Online From Home

When it comes to affiliate marketing, there are several different ways to go about how to make money online from home and I would like to touch on those so that you get a base understanding of what to do and what not to do.

When I first learned about affiliate marketing, I was eager to get into making money online fast and having a second income that I hoped to become my primary source of income so that I could enjoy life more. There is an old saying that goes “If you choose a job you love then you will never work another day in your life.” and what they mean by that is simply to enjoy what you do so it doesn’t feel like a forced event.

We have all been in those jobs where you didn’t want to get up and go to work that morning, the question I want to ask is ” Why can’t you make money online from home?” and the answer is simple. YOU CAN!

Sorry, no flashy light and tricks here. All about learning and helping you gain a better way of life, the information that I provide you will aid you on any journey you decide to take.

Affiliate marketing as mentioned has several different methods so here is a list:

  • Multi-level Marketing (Most of these are internet pyramids) *Usually a Scam*
  • Promoting a Product (Being approved by a vendor to Promote them)
  • Promoting a Service (Being approved by a Service to Promote them)
  • Promoting Your Own Business (Promoting yourself through ads and social media)
  • Email Marketing (Promoting yourself or Service through email list) *Usually a Scam*

Note: You are selling goods or services if you are an affiliate, You make a commission from the sale if you are the recommending party that introduced the sell.


No matter what method you happen to choose to do there is one key foundation that will have to be done if you want to be successful and that is having a website so that you can either link your visitors through to a product, service or gain an email list.

For many years now corporations to average everyday people have used websites to draw attention to whatever they happen to be promoting. There is a billion dollar industry in being an affiliate. However, most people still think to this day that they cannot do it because of this reason or that reason. Let me tell from a voice of experience; I thought the very same things in my head about a year and a half ago.


Affiliate marketing is a booming market to get into and with the way autonomy is growing you are going to have to have multiple sources of income to even get by in the next 10 years. So why not start with being an affiliate and making a second income? Start making money online from home today!


Let’s take a Look at the way autonomy has grown in several different industries.

  • Uber – Multi-million dollar company (but doesn’t own the first car)
  • Amazon – Billion dollar industry (but doesn’t sell any of their own products)
  • E-Learning (Doesn’t own the first school)
  • Manufacturing Automation taking jobs (Lights out facilities – Shortened manpower)
  • Shipping

With all this being said, this is the very reason I started building websites and being an affiliate which has helped me provide a better living for my family and their future. You might think that building a website is hard, not these days.

I learned very quickly with the help of Wealthy Affiliate which is a company who has developed training and has a community of people ready to help whenever you need it. Not only does Wealthy Affiliate train you on how to build websites for free, they have training on how to be the best that you can be as an affiliate.

What really convinced me to try Wealthy Affiliate is that fact that they are the only one stop shop for learning, developing, hosting, and ha community support of over 100,000 people at any given time. Plus the fact of when you join, it is a free trial membership so you get to completely try out Wealthy Affiliate before you pay a single penny. I have to say that after being there for a year now, I have been able to gain a second source of income but I have also gained knowledge in so many different areas that it makes day to day life so much better.

If you are interested in taking a look into Wealthy Affiliate then press the link below.

Get the ball rolling today with Wealthy Affiliate and see what your future holds.


Click here to see an example of how to sign up form to become an affiliate in you selected topic or other words niche. This will give you an idea of what to except.

Become An Onnit Affiliate


This is just the intro to affiliate marketing to give you are quick understanding of what to expect in regards to becoming an affiliate, no lies. It does take the effort to becoming successful.

I have personally been through many get rich quick schemes and believe me when I say I will never recommend anything to anyone just to make a dollar. In my own success, I believe in giving back and helping other so this is my reasoning of why I think Wealthy Affiliate is for you.

No risk involved, if by some chance that you don’t like it and it is not for you than that you for your time and I hope the best for you but if you do decide to join as a free trial member then I will be glad to share in my areas of success to help you get the best of what they have to offer.

Understanding Affiliate Marketing

Here is a great video breakdown to help you understand affiliate marketing…

This, as I said was just the intro to what I am putting on this website for affiliate marketing so please allow me the tie to develop the training in the sections on this site to give the full view of what being an affiliate is all about.

I will have section 1 through 4 up soon and this will give you all you need to know but until then I felt that it was best to introduce you to Wealthy Affiliate in case you were eager to get the ball rolling.

The key to success is getting started,