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By this point you may be asking yourself “Who is this website for?” or “Why should I care about starting a business online or trying to make a better more profitable income?

“Who is this website for?”

To answer the first question, this website is for anyone who has that hunger for more out of life and of course the people who have a business and need a website to help them grow.

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Examples of who could benefit from this:

If you have a website and just need help with SEO or getting traffic to your website then I can assist with that as well.

If Anything…Read This!

Three years ago I thought life was great, waking up and going to a great job where I made plenty of money….but after a 5 year run of making over $125K a year, it all came to a shocking end. About, four years back I started watching YouTube videos like TedX and Gary Vee which talked about autonomy.

These talks were basically saying that all jobs and careers will be affected I some way of fashion in the next 5 to 10 years, For instance, the Amazon take over which is affecting millions of jobs and the Uber shift which put most Taxi companies out of business for good.

Even the Fortune 500 are starting to feel the squeeze, in more than one way.

“Let’s say you work for a Fortune 500 company like I did, you think that your job is safe don’t you. And it will not be disrupted….This could leave you without a way to make money.”

When the industry shifts, there are no direct answers on when it stops or what it will do but do you want to be on the bad end of the shift by losing your job or getting your pay reduced?…..I bet the answer is NO and rightfully so.

This is what drove me to learn how to build websites, social media, and the best income source yet…search engine optimization but you have to know how to build a website first to have a foundation.

To be honest, when I first started I learned the bare minimum about building a WordPress website then I started doing affiliate marketing. This led me to make an extra 1 to 2 thousand dollars every month. I then took that money to start my own search engine optimization company Georgia SEO Explosion.

You may not want to go out and start your own business, you should look into how to build and website so that you have options to either do affiliate marketing, start a business, or help others with their existing businesses or even learn about coming technology like blockchain..

In short, develop a second income now before your primary income is affected by this autonomous shift that will happen.

“All your eggs should never be in one basket, multiple sources of income are the safest way to make sure you and your family have the best future.”


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